Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 42)

Rajini finds Rohan sleeping and takes him to the hospital by lifting him without disturbing his sleep.Next morning Gowtham finds news rwlaed to accident and gets very much shocked,he remembers Madhu getting in to same car and dials her number and finds the connection not found,and thinks to go straight and see them in hospital.He finds Sona sleeping and finds her having fever.Deepika in the morning again comes to the hospital and finds Rohan playing in canteen and calls him.

Raj sees the time and says “If I am with you ,I won’t give up in anything “and hugs her photo,he thinks to go and meet her once and thinks of clearing all the misunderstanding but stops the thoughts and sends the bag to his driver to make it reach Madhu.Deepika calls Ronan to come and asks him the matter,he tells about his mother admitted in hospital.Rohan pulls Deepika and takes her towards Madhu’s room

Aarya finds Deepika missing and thinks that she might be in the hospital and gets ready to go the hospital to check,he sees Madhoo sitting without eating anything and sits near her with chappati and dal and makes her eat.he promises her that everything will be good and assures her of making Madhu to meet her and leaves to the hospital.Madhu gets up and misesher bag and sees her bag from wardboy and asks about the person who helped her.Rajini enters with tablet and says “Raj Kumar “,Madhu dropa her bag and sees her friend with so much shock.Deepika almost comes near the room and leaves from Rohan.Gowtham sees Deepika and asks her the matter for coming to hospital and teases her.She asks Gowtham not to interfere in her matters and goes from there .Aarya reaches the hospital and finds his sister arguing with someone and runs towards her.Rajini sees Aarya and wonders about his concern for others.

precap:Aarya meets Rohan in the hospital and asks him.about his mother.Chandru sees all this and fumes.

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