Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 41)

a man comes and lights the candle in front of Rajini’s photo and says to himself that “Didi,I won’t let any of your dream shatter,I am here,your bhai is here “,he turns and is the person who follows raj and Madhu in the morning,He puts some flowers on Rajini’s photo and comes out of the room closing it.he takes out his bag and starts to
walk from the slum area and reaches the bus stand.He sees Raj’s poster and throws some waste food item over it.

Rajini comes home with Rohan and sees Madhu nor yet come and this of calling her but finds the number not reachable and thinks that she may be struck in traffic and takes Rohan to her house and gives him some biscuit to eat and milk to drink.Rohan thinks of not meeting Raj today and drinks the milk without any interest.Aarya reaches the house and finds it very much silent and wonders about RK and SKB.he knocks at the door.Madhoo and Deepika comes out from thrr respective room and sees Aarya behaving weird and sees each other.deepika says “Bro,what happened to you ?”.Aarya enters the house and says “Me,I was confused because the RK mansion was very much silent as some library “and laughs loudly.he was joined in the laugher by his sister and Madhoo di.

Raj comes back from shooting and sees many people gathered in a place and ties to see the matter,he asks his driver to see the matter
The driver reaches the place and finds bus accident with a car.Many of the people are very much injured and the driver tells the matter to Raj.Raj feels somewhat connected and thinks to go to the place,he covets his face with shawl because not to make people react on seeing him.he comes out of the car and findsmany people and small children bleeding.while passing, Raj sees Madhu lying unconscious on the ground .He runs to her and lift her in his arm.

Deepika thinks about something and doesn’t eat proper food.She sees Aarya very much silent and seeing something in his phone.She asks him the matter,Aarya says “Mmm,nothing Deepuka,eat “He thinks of Madhoo’s words .Madhoo feels restless and thinks about RK.Rajini finds Madhu still missing and gets a but worried. She confirms that Rohan is sleeping .and comes out to see the matter.She hears about the road accident near Madhu’s office and gets panic.She prays to the god and sits in the stairs.

Raj admits Mafhu in the hospital and sees lots if blood strains in his hand and sits in the chair before the operation theatre thinking Bout Madhu,he cannot understand whether it is his dream or the reality.He sees Madhu’s bag and opens it.and finds some leftover food and remembered the lavish life Madhu lived with him.he sees her through the hole in the operation theatre.He takes our Madhu’s purse and finds totally blood covered photo,and doesn’t find that Rohan is his son. The doctor comes and says “Mr.Raj”.

the person sees Raj in the hospital and hides behind apillar and sees Worried face of Raj.he remembers the blood coveted body of his sister and gets very much angry and kicks the pillar.Raj’s driver notices the boy and comes here him calling “Chandru”,He turns and says “No,you are mistaken,my name is Mathew philps”and walks from there.Driver wonders why he is lying,he hears Raj calking him and runs to Raj.

Aarya sees the news of accident near the main road and tells the news to Madhoo and Deepika.both the ladies comes and sees the news.Deepika notices a man helping all the people with covered face and murmurs “Raju “,Aarya sees her and asks her the matter.Madhoo sees the news and finds the man lifting blood covered Madhu and shouts “Meri beti,Madhu”.Aarya gets confused by their words and says that they can go and see in the hospital .Three of them leaves to the hospital.Rajini comes to the same hospital in search of Madju and finds her in operation theatre. She finds Raj standing in distance and gets shocked to see him.crying.

Aarya and others reaches the hospital and runs in search of Raj and Madhu.Aarya finds Rajini standing and goes near her and calls her name.she turns and finds Aarya and begins to cry thinking Bout Madhu’s state .He consoles her and asks about her name(friend). Before Rajini could say something,they hear Deepika’s voice and he runs towards her.Deepika sees Raj leaving in his car and asks Aarya to stop him because he must know something about Madhu.Aarya asks her to be calm and they goes inside to find about Madhu.

Raj remembers seeing Madhoo and leaving the hospital and cries holding Madhu’s hand bag and her photo from his picket.he prays to the gid tokerp her fine and healthy always ,he thinks of going back but stops His mind and asks the driver to drive towards His house.Madhoo couldn’t find her daughter and they goes from the hospital because people starts to gather around Madhoo.
the doctor comes and says to Rajini to take Madhu home tomorriw wcening because she need to be in ved rest and ovservation for sometimes ,Rajini nods and asks about the person who admitted Madhu.The doctor tells about Raj.Rajini says OK and thinks about Ray’s concern for Madhu.she gieshome to see whether Rohan us fine or not.

precap:Madhu searches for her bag and finds it mussing,Raj sits holding the bag and send it to Madhu through a ward boy.

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