Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 40)

Aarya waits near the school and sees Rohan searching for someone near the school in the evening.Aarya walks near Rohan and asks him the reason for his waiting.Rohan turns and sees Aarya standing there.he says “Uncle,please don’t disturb me “.He smiles at Hus reply and sits in the bench seeing Rohan’s activity.He waits for long time and doesn’t find Raj .and sits very much upset in the bench.

Madhu gets struck by work and asks Rajini to pick Rihan from his school and leaves to continue the work.Aarya gives rohan Chocolate to eat and Rohan denies it and says “No,my mom gas asked me of to eat things from strangers “.he laughs and says “Who told I am a stranger ,I will come to meet you daily “.Rohan accepts the friendship with hesitation .Rajini sees Rohan with someone and calls his name,Aarya turns and finds Rajini standing with bags in her hand,he asks Rohan”Hey,champ,who is that ?”.He whispers”Aunty”and runs towards Rajini.

Madhoo calls Aarya and funds him not taking any of the phone calls and worries because he didn’t come to have food. RK and SkB gets ready to go to Shimla to do some business contracts,RK is doing a small scale textile business with help of SKB.They gets ready to go to Shimla for a business contracts.Raj sees the time and thinks,gets worried thinking that “Rohan must be waiting for me “.,he got struck due to busy schedule.He thinks to find a way to go and meet Rohan.

Gowtham sees Madhu still doing over time and goes near her calling her name.She turns and tries to get up to give respect to Gowtham.He denies for such a respect and asks Madhu ,the reason fie doing over time job.she says “Sir,I don’t like postpone things like that “,and continues her work.He smiles seeing her working condition and walks away from the place.

Rajini asks about Aarya to Rohan.Aarya introduces himself and asks for her name,She says “My name is Rajini “,He gets thoughts of the old Rajini who happens to be his life before some years ,and stands spell bund.both Rohan and Rajini sees him speechless and gets confused seeing each other .Aarya comes to conscious and finds Them left the place,he takes Rajini’s photo from pocket and tears fall from her eyes.(guys both the Rajini are totally different ,please don’t get confused, you can cinsuderyou own actress in the character but my pair is saurab raj jain and surbi jothi)

(old) Rajini’s photo is shown in a house covered with flower

Precap:Raj finds Madhu bleeding in road and runs to help her.

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