Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 39)

Aarya thinks about finding Madhu and her son,Rohan but he could not find any idea or option to do,RK sits near Aarya and asks him about the person who he was thinking about,any new girl.Aarya says “Ho RK,I am just thinking about Madhoo di”.RK didn’t get satisfied and thinks to find the reason .He gets call from one of his old friend and gos to talk with him.Aarya gets relieved after RK left him.He gets a idea and decides to do it. He takes his phone and tries Madhu’s old number.

Madhu locks her house and gets ready to go to her office after leaving Rohan in his school.She sees Rohan very much happy and asks him the reason for his happiness.Rohan thinks of meeting Raj in school but doesn’t tell it to Madhu and remains silent.She takes his bag in his hand and they began to walk towards Rohan’s school.A car stops near the road and sees Madhu walking with Rohan.The person drives the car from there.

Raj sees the busy schedule today and wonders how to go and meet Rohan in his school.He thinks to meet him in the evening and gets ready to go to the shootings.He gets ready to go to the shooting spot in his car .The driver starts the car and Raj leaves to his shooting place.Aarya calls Madhu’s old number.
Aarya:hello Madhu
The person: sorry Sir,you have dialed a wrong number.
Aarya: Madhu,i know you are madhu
The person: are you mad,I am not Madhu.
Aarya:hey it me Aarya.
The person:you are really disgusting.

Aarya:this was my sister’s number,sorry if I troubled you.
The person:its OK but don’t blabber with strangers.

She cuts the call and thinks about the man in phone.she hears someone calling her and turns to go but stops seeing Madhu and Gowtham coming inside the office,she greets them .Gowtham doesn’t recognises her and asks Madhu about her.Madhu says “Sir,she is Rajini ,she works in the sales department”.Gowtham goes inside.Rajini tells madhu about getting a new fancy number ,both of them hugs each other ,Madhu hears Gowtham calling her and leaves .

Aarya wonders because his hope that Madhu will not change her number was totally wrong and he finds no other way to find her.He thinks to find Mafhu by any means because RK and His family will happy to find their daughter.Deepika gets ready to leave to school and finds Aarya very busy in thinking and shouts “BRI,what are you doing,please drop me in school “.he goes with her to her school.Aarya finds One little boy wishing Deepika.and she calling him as Rohan.He thinks to wait and find about the boy.

In the evening,Rohan waits for Raj to come and talk with him,he finds him not coming and gets very much worried .he hears the horn sound and runs towards Raj’s car.both of them shares a cute moments together as usual.Aarya sees this from a hide out and thinks “who is that boy may be ?”.Deepika comes and he leaves the place.Aarya and Madhu comes in opposite direction in the road but did not see due heavy traffic.Raj leaves Rohan and goes from there.

Aarya sees Madhu’s old number and thinks that “I feel that the person is some how related to my Madhu”.he drops Deepika and leaves to beach.He thinks of calling the number and asks them whether they know anything about Madhu.but surprisingly finds calls coming from that number.He picks the call.
Rajini:hello Mr.Aarya.

Rajini:do you remember you called me in morning.
Aarya:yes,I did
Rajini:actually I got this number from my uncle who is working in telephone exchange before 5 days.
Aarya(smiles):thanks but may I know your name.
Rajini:if you need to know about the number ,you better go and see someone in telephones department.

Rajini:you don’t have rights to know my name.
she cuts the call and thinks about him asking for her name,she finds someone touching her on her shoulder turns and finds Madhu standing with grocery items in her hand.Madhu asks her the matter and why she was shouting .She says “Nothing “and goes yo her home which was next to Madhu’s house.Madhu remembers meeting Rajini for the first time and smiles .

precap:Rohan sees Aarya waiting near his school and comes near him.

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