Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 37)


from this part I am not going yo write the story on scene basis.

Madhoo repeats the name “Rohan”and thinks that she may be connected to that name.Deepika cuts the call and asks Rihan ,why did he pinch Mini.Rohan says “She only poked me with pencil “.Deepika sees Sona and her father standing out and asks Gowtham,”what happened sir?”.He turns and says”nothing Mam”.Gowtham takes Sona in his arm and leaves the place.Deepika hears the bell sound and says bye to the children and comes out of the room .

Raj remembers about Madhu and feels bad,he cries and hides his tears under the cooling glass.He remembers about their fight and says “I am really sorry Madhu”.he sees Rohan coming out of the school and waiting for his mom,He signs Rohan to come..Rohan sees Raj and comes running to him.he kisses Raj and gives parayhas made by Madhu.Raj Taste it and remembers Madhu’s hand made food and cries. Rohan Asks Raj “Why are you crying Raj,is it very spicy,you didn’t like it .my mom cooks good food “.Raj hugs him and tells “very nice food”.

Madhoo asks the driver to start the car,RK comes home with SKB and tells “where are going Madhubala,I will come with you ?”.Madhoo tells about going to Market and says”you and Shikky don’t want to come,I will manage “.she leaves to the market.Madhu comes to pick Rohan and sees him telling bye to someone and asks”Who are you talking beta ?”.she takes him and they also leaves to same market.
Deepika comes home running and shouts “Chachi,Madhubala chachi where are you ?”.RK sees her and says “Shikky come,your Teacher daughter has come home “.Shikky comes and teases Deepika,she asks for Madhoo.and sits in the sofa explaining about today’s experience. Madhoo and Madhu comes face to face.Madhu gets surprised and says “Ma,” and hugs her.Rohan says “Oh,this is ur mom,i have seen her in old movies with RK but Raj is best than RK”.

Madhoo sees a little boy standing and hugs him.He says “are you really my granny,”.Madhu says “Ma,won’t you talk with me ?”.Madhoo leaves Rohan and says “Who am I to you,you left all of us and went ,and today you need to talk to me “.she cries.She turns calling Madhu and sees no one there.Madhu takes Rohan and goes from there with tears.

Deepika sees Madhoo coming and tells her the Day’s incident. She smiles and goes to her room.Deepika says “Actually dad today”.Shikky says “Oh my God ,you have said it 5 times”and walks from there.She turns towards RK and finds him leaving.she laughs and goes to her room.Madhu reaches the house and falls on bed crying.Rohan cannot understand anything and he begins to cry.Madhu consoles him and ask “why are you crying Rohan”he says because you are crying.She remembers Raj telling the same when he was mentally Ill and hugs Rohan.Gowtham reaches his house and asks Sona to come after drinking milk that they are going to see someone special.Sona runs. from there.

A flight stops in the airport and a man comes out of executive class and walks out of the airport wearing a googles and stops a car,He says “I need to go to RK mansion ,drive it faster”,I will give you 500_ rupees as tips,go faster,he checks something in his bag and says to himself that “I will pay the deed today”.it is shown as Aarya.He smiles .RK feels something and goes to see Madhoo and finds her lying on bed with tears.he consoles Madhoo and teases her that “What where is that madhoo,who married me by doing 4 pheras,slapped me , “.Madhoo says “RK please “and hugs him.

precap:Aarya enters the house and shouts “Guys I am back to compete my works ” and laughs.

Credit to: janani

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb janani but pls tell me why Raj and madhu got separated??after that incident and where madhoo,deepika lives??and where Raj lives??but epinwas nice go ahead

  2. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram

    superb sis…………

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