Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 36)

scene1:Raj comes to school written in the chit and do t know how to find the little boy who gave me the card,she sees the peon coming and gives him 1000 rupees and asks him to find The boy,The peon smiles on seeing the amount and says “I know the boy,he us afore fan of yours ,his name is rohan “.Raj leaves to see Rohan in his class.Rohan sees Raj and comes running to him.Raj remembers his face and smiles.

Scene2:Gowtham sees Madhu busy in doing work and remembered about Shaleen and says “Shaleen,I musts you much today ,Sona is always asking you about “Madhu comes in with a file and Knocks at the door.she comes in and sees Gowtham in some thoughts and calks “Sir”.he comes to reality and signs the paper and says “Sorry Madhubala,if I have made you wait so longer “.she says “Nothing like that ” and goes.Deepika comes to the same school with her certificates and approaches the principal.Raj and rohan talks very friendly and becomes friend in some hours.Ronan says “Will you come tomorrow Raj”.He assures him and leaves.Deepika sees out but missess seeing Raj.
Scene3:Madhu sees Gowtham very much disturbed and thinks to ask him,He sees her coming and says “If you don’t mind please don’t disturb me today ” and goes out in his car.he stops the car near the school and sees the time is 3pm and decides to take Sona with him to home.He goeysinside the school.Deepika is in Sona’s class and was asking about introduction of maths .Gowtham says “Excuse me “,she turns and sees Gowtham.he tells about taking his daughter with him.Deepika says”Mr,wait for 30 minutes and take her afterwards now just go “.Gowtham says “Sorry,I need to take her now itself “.the children Laugh on their argument. Atlast Gowtham takes Sona and leaves.Deepika says “Very arrogant “.she gets call from home and goes to talk.Madhoo asks about her new job.Deepika says happily and turn to see Rohan pinching the girl and says “Rohan,don’t do like that “.Madhoi feels connected with the name Rohan

precap:Madhu and Madhoo comes face to face in the market.

(guys I think to end the story on its 50th episode )

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  1. No yaar pls continue I am big fan of this show I read only this ff regularly I promise you becoz some I will not read regularly but I did not miss a single epi pls make it to 75yaar your thoughts are sooo good I am first to comment

    1. OK ,but I am planning to write other fanfiction so only .OK I will try to write the story long,

      1. Pls janani you update small then also OK but I am big fan of rk and madhu pls janani

    2. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      yes sis pls continue……………..

  2. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    hey whats happening??????????
    so much suspense and questions but i m sure of one thing………. gowtham n deepika are the pair………………..

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