Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 35)


guys to clarify your confusion because there is many character,o am telling about them,
Raj kumar- lead
Madhubala Raj Kumar -Female lead
Shikky-(SKB)-Madhu’s uncle
Deepika-Madhu’s cousin.
Rishbala-Madhu’s parents .
Gowtham -Parallel male lead
Sona and Rohan -small children of Gowtham and Madhu respectively
these are the important characters .
Scene1 :Madhu and Junior Rishab (I will mention him as rohan to avoid confusion ).Raj comes to same mall. Sona smiles at Rohan but he turns his face to other side .Sona says “Aunty ,why Rohan is angry with me ?”.Madhu sees Ronan and asks him to talk.Raj enters the mall by covering himself with a hat .Both Madhu and Raj crosses each other but doesn’t see the other .Ronan sees Raj and says “Mom I think that uncle is Raj “.Sona sees the direction and laughs .Gowtham sees Madhu very tensed and says “Mrs.Raj ,why are you upset ” Madhu says “Sorry Sir please call me Madhu “.Raj feels something and turns to see Madhu .But he didn’t see Madhu or Rohan

Scene2:Madhu sees Ronan and Sona playing and shows the same to Gowtham.He says “Madhu,it is very nice to be like a child “.Madhu accepts and nods yes.Sikky and RK sits in his car .Shikky says “RK I don’t trust that Raj will change his mind,he is free only because of our influence but “.RK says “No Shikky ,”.Shikky says “I cannot digest that Raj made Madhu leave him trusting that kundali “.RK drives the car towards Sitara studio.Gowtham and Madhu sits in a restaurant and orders for a coffee.Raj comes to same hotel .Madhu sees Gowtham and asks “Actually sir ,your wife ?”.Gowtham’s smile changes into painful one .

Scene3:Gowtham says “My wife’s name is Nithi,she died “.Madhu feels that she had made Gowtham very much sad and shows Somali and says “Sir I guess your daughter is just like your wife “.Gowtham laughs and doesn’t reply.he sees a man sitting in far away table as a family and smiles.Raj summons the waitor to bring him a cup of coffee.the waitor identifies Raj and shouts “Raj sir ,Raj sir “.people starts to gather across Raj.Madhu sees Raj in the hotel and urges Rohan to come. Raj also sees Madhu in crowd and shouts “Madhu,rani “but Madhu moves out within the heavy crowd .Rajfeels a little hand giving him a card .

scene4:Gowtham also comes out and sees Madhu standing outside the crowd.He comes with Sonali and asks “Madhu ,where is Rohan “.Madhu notices him missing and gets frightened .She sees him coming out of the crowd and kisses him all over his cheek and fore head .He hugs Madhu and four of them leaves the place .Raj comesput and sees the address of some school written on the card and smiles .

Precap:Raj comes to Rohan’s school but don’t know how to find the person who gave him the card .

Credit to: janani

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  1. wellwisher (ww) zaya and ragna fan

    wow nice sis………
    i liked it. superb……
    could u make it a bit longer????????

  2. Waiting for ur next episode

  3. thnx janani for clearing my confusion and nice epi pls unite them soon pls janani

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