Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 34)

Scene1:Madhu gets call from MD,he asks her to come to his cabin ,She goes in with a letter pad and gets permission to get in.The MD oes her from top to bottom and says “Please take your seat ms.Madhubala “.She sits with hesitation and says “Sir,if you tell me what I need to type,I will type it “.He laughs gently and says “no,I just I called to talk with you “.She sees him thousand question.He asks her to calm them they can talk.

Scene2:Raj reaches the hotel to meet SKB.He says “Good day SKB sir “.Shikky stares at him and shows him the chair to sit.Raj asks Shikky to tell him the matter as soon as possible because he need to go to resume the shoot.SKB laughs and says “Oh,you don’t show your attitude to me Mr.RajK,I know you better than you “.RK enters the room and smiles at Shikky.Raj gets up to leave and stops seeing RK.

Scene3:MD says “I know many things about youbit you don’t know me ,my name is Gowtham kurana ,( i think gurmeet chaudry,but guys you cab gave your own ideas ), you can call me as GK,and I am going to be your boss for upcoming year,I know you because your are Mrs.Raj Kumar .Madhu says “Sorry to interuppt but I am not his wife now just his ex-wife ‘Gowtham laughs and says “Divorce cannot seperate love “.Madhu smiles and says “But breaks hearts “.She re ieves call from Rishab’s school about his fight.Madhu gets shocked.

Scene4:She. says the news and asks gkr permission.Gowtham sees her sharply and says “You can go “.she goes to school and explains the principal and comes out of the school,she ask him “What did you do ,Raj”.He smiles and says”Mom that Sona only “,a car stops near to them,and the mirror comes down,Madhu gets surprised to she Gowtham .Rishab shouts “Mom,this is that Sonali”.Madhu sees a little girl inside the car.Gowtham offers them lift .Raj’s car reaches a mall,and Gowtham takes Madhu and Rushab to same mall.

precap:Sona and Rishan becomes friends and hugs each others.Raj thinks about the words of RK and gets worried.

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  1. guys do you like the new entry .

  2. Nice but too many characters I am little bit confused but it is nice I read all your updates it is sooo nice pls go ahead I will support you

  3. I love madhubala serial.I happy that u r writing a ff for this??

    1. even I am happy but could you give me some reason why I am not getting enough comments.

  4. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    i am extremely sorry sis………..
    i read only today…….
    i actually read ff only thrice a week so i didnt notice yours…………..
    Its awesome…………
    and ya too many characters…… quite confusing………… and my full support is there for u………..
    dont get disappointed if there isnt much comments……… people are reading it………

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