Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 33)

Scene1:Madhu sees the person and says “Sweety,is he our new boss “.Sweety says yes.The man is handsome looking and wearing a coat.He sees the people and gets shocked seeing Madhu,he removes the coolers from eyes and sees Madhu.Madhu gives the bouquet to The MD,he receives it and goes inside without replying .Madhu stands confused.

Scene2:Raj completes his schedule and drives his car,He sees little children playing in Vedha school.He laughs on seeing the happy children.Rishab turns towards the car and says “I think it is Raj sir “.Sonu,friend of Raj says no,and they began to argue and falls on ground .PT teacher takes both of them to principal room.Raj drives towards beach.Madhu and RK returns to home after a trip.Deepuka runs towards them and hugs them.they laugh
Scene3: Deepika tells about her new offer in School as maths teacher,RK teases her and tells that “Do you know 2*2?”.Deepika complain about RK Madhu laughs,she thinks Madhu and tells within her mind “Even Madhu will be playing like this “.Madhu feels a strange feeling and sees MD watching her from his room. Raj gets call from Deepika,she asks him to come to some restaurant.Raj says sure.

Precap:Raj and Madhu comes to same mall but doesn’t see each other.

(sorry for late update,please suggest some character or actor for that MD role,he is like a parallel lead )

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  1. guys give ur opinion

  2. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    wow nice…….
    was missing it for a long time………….
    sis pls differentiate between Madhubala Rishab Kundar and Madhubala Raj Kumar

    1. you didn’t give me opinion

      1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

        i really liked it…..
        let the MD be Ashish Chaudhary………………….

  3. Arjun or nirbhay

  4. OK i will write the next part as soon as possible.

  5. Hlo janani this is my frst cmnt……i read all episodes today they r awsm…mdhubala was my fvrt serial nd i m really vry happy as u r updating this…i think Gurmeet Chaudhary aka Maan Singh Khurana will be bst 4 the role of MD as he played his role vry well in Geet…

  6. Plz clear sm ques that why raj killed Rajni,why they separated,whre is Aarya

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