Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 32)


Scene1:Madhu plays the piano in a house ,and sings ‘Hamari Adhuri kahani ” in low note ,She sees some one closing her eyes and says “Raju,Stop playing ,I am getting late “.Raj is wearing a same black sherwani and says “It is always Raj’s style to give you more surprises “.Madhu says “OK,I will not open the eyes but where is my gift “.Raj says “Do you want anyother gift than me “Madhu says “Please leave me ,I want to go “.Raj says “Surprise ” and opens the eyes .Madhu opens her eyes and says “You are becoming very mischievous and holds a little boy from running .Raj is shown talking the dialogue in film .

Scene2: Madhu holds her son and says “You are not getting ready to go to school “.The boy says “No,ma i am not going to school “Mafhu says “Education helps us to success “.The boy says “But RAj K is not educated,mom “.Madhu shouts “Rishsb ,just go from here and get ready “.She sees him going and says “Sorry Rishab ,I hate him “Raj completes the scene and goes to his caraven.Raj sees people shouting for him and smiles .Agni comes to shooting spot and says “Raju,lunch is here “.Raj ask Agni ,the date.Agni says the
date .Raj thinks “Its has been five years over “.

Scene3:Madhu gets ready and takes Rishab and leaves the house .The house owner comes and ask “Madhu mam,where is the rent ?”.Madhu says “Sorry,Uncleji I forget to give you and gives the money “.He wishes her ,She goes out of the colony ,sees Raj’s picture and takes Rishab by the another way .Rishab sees Raj’s photo and says “Mom,RAj “.She leaves him in school and goes to her office.Madhu sees everyone waiting in office and ask “What happened Pinky ?”.Pinky says “A new MD is coming to our office “.Madhu says “Oh,OK “.A car stops infront of the office ,a young man gets out of the car .

Precap: Madhu sees Rishab acting like Raj and shouts “Rishab “.

Credit to: Janani

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  1. awesome……………

  2. why you seperated raj and madhu and where are rishbala where did they go? and why madhu is staying in chawl when she is having a big mansion? there are so many questions in my mind but the episode was nice

  3. Superb janani

  4. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    update the next one pls………………..

  5. madhubala fans

    update the next episode ………..

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