Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 31)


Scene1: Raman and Zain holds Aarya from running ,They call the police to come ,Kali sees Manjali in blood and shouts “Manji ma,maji ma “Madhoo,RK and other took Raj to hospital .Aarya shouts “Don’t worry ,he won’t be alive “.SKB slaps Aarya and goes yo hospital .The car of Raj goes out and Swara and Sansjar enters the venue ,they sees Abhi standing with tension .Swara ask “Hello Abhi bhai ,what happened “.Ishita comes running and tells the whole incident to Swara .Sbhi ask both if them to be quiet and cone inside .in the hospital .Ragini sees Madhoo and remembers reading about their death years ago and calls “Madhoo”.Madhoo recognises Ragini and hugs her and cries .

Scene2:Neil comes from operation theatre and ask Nurse to rake Raj to operation theatre in some times because his case is critical,he assures RK to be positive and goes into operational theatre followed by Ragini .He sees the wound and says “Ragini,it is very risk to do the operation ,we can tell them the matter “.Ragini says “Nacheiket ,please consider That Madhu as our nishi and talk ,it is not nice to give up ,try “,Neil nods yes and gets ready to do the operation.

Scene3:Zain and Raman hand over Aarya to Police ,they beats him black and blue ,Aarya shouts “If,Raj dies a murder,it is a accident and if I try to do it is a murder “.Zain says “Raman sir,he is behaving so wild “.Both of them returns and sees Ishita sitting with the baby in hand .Swara runs to Zain and adk about Aarya.(in my story both are friends ).Zain says ‘Shonu please don’t worry ,Allah will help Raj “.Ishita prays to murugan to bring back Raj.Aaliya is in hospital with Kaali and Gauri .She consoles them and have faith on god ,so that their Manjali will be safe .Both the girls prays to god to help Manji ma. Madhu sits with tears and remembers her life with Raj and cries.She hears him calling her “Rani”.Neil and Ragini fights with Fate to bring Raj back to life .

Precap:After 5 years ,Madhu is shown wearing a black saree and playing guitar and someone closing her eyes. He murmurs “Raju “.

( there is a leap friends )

Credit to: Janani

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    Nice .. Is Raj died???

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