Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 30)


Scene1:Everyone gathers and ask Madhu which name ,she is going to keep for her baby ,Madhu think for a while and says “Surya “.She hears Raj says “No,I cannot accept this name for my son ‘.Radha ask her to say .Raman and Ishita sees the baby and Ishia thinks ‘Only some months more then Shagun will give birth to my baby “.Raman thinks Ishita might be affected .Ishita goes to lift the baby and remembers; people saying her “Infertile ” and goes back .Raj sees this and says “Please Ishitaji lift my baby,you are like my sister and you can “.Raman thanks Raj by eyes .

Scene2:Raj sees Guest and says “I have decided a name for my son,everyone likes it “.Madhoo says “Please Raj say the name ,we are dying in guessing “.Raj says “His name will be Rishab “.Everyone claps .Gauri and Kali jumps and hugs Majali .RK gets teary eyes and says “Raj but “.Raj hugs RK and says “It is my wish to keep my mentor’s name to My son “.Radha and Madhoo gets happy .Raman sees ishita playing. with baby .

Scene3:Aarya comes inside the RK mansion and sees everyone happy ,he shouts Raj Kumar .Everyone turns and sees Aarya standing with Pistol in his hand .Aarya shouts “You killed my Rajini from me and You RK killed my dad “.RK ask him to drop the pistol .Aarya shouts “No,I will not spare you ,Raj ” and shoots the pistol . Kali pushes Raj but Manjali standing back got shot in her right hand .
Everyone shouts Manjali .Aarya again shoots Raj with gun.Madhu shouts “Raja “.

Precap:Ragini and Neil comes to do the operation for Raj.

Credit to: Janani

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    Superb janani you are fantastic bringing my favorite stars to your show

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