Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 29)


Scene1:RK mansion is decorated for the naming ceremony of baby .Madhoo ask everyone to for the arrangement properly ,She sees Two kids coming inside shouting Madhoo aunty,a lady is found coming in .Madhoo hugs the kids and says “Kaali,Gauri ,how are you ,Manjari “.Majari hugs Madhoo.A women comes and closes Madhoo’s eyes ,She turns and sees Pragya,Ishita standing with lots of gifts in their hands .Pragya shouts “Madhubala mam,happy to see you “.RK comes and says “So Mrs.Rock star,where is your pyari abhi ,?”He hears the voice “I am here the real star “.Abhi and RK have a hug .
Ishita sees Madhu being upset and goes to her and calls “Madhu ,what happened “.Madhu sees Ishita and hugs her .

Scene2: Raj comes out and sees someone trying to talk to a girl and the girl bbehaved least interested ,Raj hold the man’s shoulder and says “What are doing ?”.The man turns and says “Happy father na ,raj ji “.Raj says “You “.He says “I am Zain and she is my wife Aaliya “Aaliya wishes Raj for Becoming a father .Radha comes and ask everybody to come to hall to start the function .A car enters the house and Aarya comes out with a pistol in his pocket ,he hide it with kerchief

Scene3:RK and Madhu ask everyone to come ,a house is shown two people are arguing over matter,the man says “I am sorry Swara but I got late due to traffic “.Swara throws pillow on him and shouts “Don’t lie ,I have said you that I want to go to Madhu di ‘s house but you ,I gate you Sanskar “.Swara ask him to not to talk to her .Finally they patch up and gets ready to go .

Precap:Aarya aims gun towards Raj ,someone comes in between and gets shot .

(guess guys )

Credit to: Janani

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  1. I like the story to end by some episodes ,do you accept it .

    1. not now sis.

  2. Madhu or deepika

  3. wow diddi ur it s superb, awesome.
    i dont know what to tell.
    ishita, pragya, aliya, swara so cute sis………….
    i loved it.
    but i dont know who is this manjari???
    i guess it will be rk.
    and rk and raj didnt talk among them self!
    will it come in next part????

  4. do u read my fan fiction beintehaa???
    pls read mine and give ur comments….

  5. Ranaji(narendran)

    I think it is rk or madhoo or madhu

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