Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 28)


Scene1:RK says that “I don’t want to act anymore in my films ,until before some days ,people thought RK was not alive and you supported Raj .Continue it now itself “.Everyone gets shocked and sees RK .Madhoo and Radha sees each other.Raj cannot understand RK’s words .He stands surprises .The reporters ask RK ,the reason for quiting.
RK says that he is not well to act in films ,it will increase some health issues to me that all.One of the reporter asks RK about Raj’s case.
RK says “Don’t talk so much ,Case is not yet judged so don’t start rumours “.RK leaves from the press meet.Mohan sees everything and remains silent .The reporters runs behind RK.

Scene2:Madhu ask Her mother and grandma “Why did Dad did this to safeguard my marriage but “.Madhoo says “I am living with him for past 27 years ,I cannot understand his thoughts “.Radha pacifies Both of them smd ask ten to remain silent .The reporters talk among themself and goes from there .Megha and mohan have a talk .megha ask Mohan “Why RK is behaving like this ,this is not a part if his attitude “.Mohan says ‘Come on Mrs.Mihan Bhatnagar ,even Addu don’t like me but now he has accepted me as his papa “.Megha says “Mohan ,she gets call from Addu”.She picks the call.
Addu:Hello ma
Megha:yes Addu
Addu:I want to talk to Spiderman ,he is not picking calls .
Mohan :Yes Addu
Addu:Daddy,what have you said to Ragini .
Mohan (smiles):What did I do ?
Addu:You must be the one who shows My childhood crying photo yo Ragini .
Mohan :No,it was your sister
Addu:Mmm.i will talk to later.,bye did I disturbed you and mumma.
Mohan:No bye.
Megha ask what happened ,Mihan tells the matter,Megha says “I only showed the photo “.Mohan and Megha laughs .Mohan says “In some times ,Naina will call and shout at me “.Megha goes to talk with Madhoo and Radha.

Scene3:Madhoo goes behind RK and ask “What is all this ?”.RK says “Family “.Madhoo ask him to stop and not do anything like a child .Megha knocks the door .Both of them turns and sees Megha .Madhoo complaints to Megha about RK’s press conference .Megha smiles and says “RK ,why did you do this for “.RK ignores her question and ask about Naina and Addu.Megha repeats her question ,RK says “I did this to end problems btw Madhu and Raj “.RK leaves .Megha ask Madhoo to accept RK’s decision because it will be correct.Madhoo says “I have brought the bad luck to my family “.Megha scolds Madhoo for talking like that .Raj hears Madhoo,Megha and RK ‘s conversation and cries for the concern of RK.He goes in search of RK.

Precap:RK and Raj have a conversation among them self .
(Next will be the naming ceremony of Baby,you suggest me which character we can invite from other serials )

Credit to: Janani

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  1. wow sis ur really fantastic……..
    raj and rk together will be nice……..
    u can invite characters from sasural simar ka, from my ff beintehaa, rangrasiya and swaragini…………

  2. always awesome.. waiting to see raj and rk together. wish it would have been telecasted…. badtameez dil, matsh,yhm…

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Wow you can call from sasural simar ka ff,kumkum bhagya ff,meri aashiqui tum se hi. Pls I am writing all the ff so pls bring the characters to the your show

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