Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 27)


Scene1:RK ask Madhoo to explain the matter ,he brings water and ask her to drink before talking .Madhoo hugs him and says about the words which Madhu said to Raj.RK feels bad for Raj.RK decides to do something and calls some person.Madhoo comes down and sees Raj sitting and watching TV,Madhu and Agni playing with the baby Radha was doing her puja.Madhoo sees some news and gets panics.

Raj gets up in respect on seeing Madhoo.Madhoo says”no need for all these ,Raj you are like my son “.Raj tries to say something ,he sees The news that All the directors want RK back on screen .He gets directed and leaves the place .Madhoo calls her daughter to come to her room and leaves .RK sees both mother and daughter arguing over some matter .

Scene2:Madhoo askHer daughter to accept Raj .and trust him .Madhu shouts “He broke my trust into pieces “and runs from there .RK approaches Madhio and ask “Did you hurt my princess ?”.Madhoo says “She is behaving exactly like you so stupidly “.RK hold her hand and brings her closer ,Madhu says “Grandpa behave well “.RK Replies “OK Grandmother “.They laugh happily .Raj hears the conversation and automatically laughs .Some people comes and waits at the hall .

Radha ask one of the person ,”Who are they ?”.They says “We are reporters from TV and newspaper ,we came here because RK sir had called us “.Radha goes to call RK and sees him company ng down as usual before with a black over coat .She feels happy and smiles .Both Madhu and Raj comes out and see RK going towards the press people .

Scene3:A man comes and hugs RK,He says “How are Mr.Johan Bhatnagar,sorry you one of the top reporter “.He punches RK and says “Fine Real star RK”.RK ask about the small Naina .Mohan laughs loudly and says “Hey ,RK time has changed ,she has become older and working in my channel and that addu ,has become into handsome man “.RK walks and sits before the channel personnel .Mohan sees Madhoo and waves his hand.Madhoo ask about Megha .Mohan shows the door ,a Lady wearing simple cotton saree enters and gets blessing from Radha .

Precap:Everybody Was shocked by the words RK said ,everyone seeshim with surprise and shock .Megha have a talk with Madhoo.

Credit to: Janani

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  1. oh wow sis ur sooooooooosoooooooooo good bringing mohan. naina, addu and megha back…….
    rishbala scenes were cute……
    unite radhu fast pls………..

  2. actually after i finish my tenth std along with Beintehaa i will right fanfiction for Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and for Parichay……….

    1. I have not watched Na Bole Tum and Parichay. But I like the actors of both the show, Kunal Kapoor and Keerti Nagpure a lot as I saw their other shows. So please do write a ff on both these shows.
      And I like ur Beintehaa ff a lot as I m big fan of Beintehaa

      1. thank u dear…..
        sure there will be more maha epi for these three serials……

  3. Wow, Madhubala I miss this show a lot.
    Good ff

  4. oh wow sis ur getting the story very well but who r these mohan,naina,addu,megha pls tell???
    but as always u r awesome.,

    1. did you seen Nenjam pesudey in polimer TV

      1. yes i have seen but not much i just know the serial and its hindi name also na bole na tum na maine kuch kaha right thay r frm this serial a ? ok fine sis

  5. Hey janani, r u a tamilian?

  6. Hi i am new . this is my first commet. i m big fam of vivian dsena and i love him so much

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