Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 26)


Scene1:Madhu shouts stop at the door .Raj feels happy because Madhu is hating Rishbala.She goes in the brings a plate of aarti and says “Come in with your right leg on front mummy papa “.Rishbala was surprised.They comes in with smile on their face,hugs Madhu .Raj feels bad ,he try to leave.Agni sees Raj in pain ,she follows him to room.she calls “Raju ,what is all this ,they are “.Raj completes it and says “RK ,Madhu’s father ,he is ruining my future “.Agni pacifies him and says “don’t worry ,Raj is different from RK ,you are unique bhai ,don’t feel no one can beat you “Raj hugs her ,he feels his pain is over.

Scene2:Radha hears this and gets worried for RK and Raj.Deepika sees Aarya coming ,she call him “Bro,what’s the matter ?”.Aarya goes to his room without informing about anything .He closes the door and shouts “Rajini ,”he broke down and cries vigorously. He remember his car was about to hit her .And how they become closer.And this Raj stabbed Rajini to death .He brokes the flower vase into pieces.
He gets call from Madhu ,He controlled his emotion and picks the call
Madhu :Aarya ,could you come for the naming function of my son ,bhai.
Aarya :No,Madhu but
Madhu :Please ,please .
Aarya:OK I will come.
He cuts the call and says “RK and Raj ,you have ruined my life “.He gets ready to go.

Scene3:Raj enters his room and finds Madhu in wash room.He goes near the baby and says “My dear son ,your papa have come to see you darling “.Madhu comes and sees thus shouts “Stop it ,leave the baby on the cradle “.Raj looks puzzled .Madhu takes the baby and sees Raj with a angry look.She Says “You doesn’t kept your promuse, you promised me not to hurt others ,but you killed a innocent lady”Raj tries to explain but Madhu leaves the place taking baby with her .
Madhoo hears the whole conversation and walk towards her room.She sees RK watching some album.Madhoo calls him in a sad voice “RK,I cannot bear it anymore “.RK comes and questions her “What happened “.Madhoo explained the matter.

Precap:Raj sees people praising RK after such a long years .

Note:guys ,there is no one to read my story ,then why should I write anymore.I will not continue the story if it goes on in the similar way ,I expect atlest 5 comments .

Credit to: Janani

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  1. Plz written this but plz cbhange the track it looks boring

  2. I love madhubala serial.plz continue ur ff

  3. Pls continue dear

  4. Its,nice….dont stop dear….

  5. it is really nice………
    why did raj kill rajini?????????
    and pls sis dont stop………
    there are many silent readers……….

  6. and it is a boy………
    very nice………..

  7. I told u na there are so many readers sis pls don’t stop but change the track introduce any new characters don’t make raj madhu hate each other plssssss

    1. yes agree with u………..

  8. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb janani but plzzz change the track

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