Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 25)


Scene1:Madhoo holds Aarya and says “You have Grown up “.RK stares at Madhu with anger .Aarya seeks Blessing from Madhoo .SKB gets call from Deepika.The press people ask “SKB sorry Shikky sir ,what will happen next ,RK or Raj will sustain in field “.SKB cuts the call .He continuely receives call and he switch off the phone.RK ask Radha to talk to Raj.Radha goes from there .She sees Raj sitting and sobbing .Radha hold Raj’s shoulder .Raj turns back and says “Dadi”

Scene2:Aarya says that he want to meet Madhu and new born baby.RK was not willing but Madhu ask him to go and see them.Aarya leaves .RK tells Madhu about Aarya .SKB ask him “Come on RK,he is not bad at heart ,I have brought up him for a past 23 years “.RK says “So you both trust him but not me “.Madhoo shouts RK but he leaves the place .Radha tells about the whole incident to Raj.Raj cries and says “But today your son has taken everything fro. me ,my name,my reputation,My Madhu ,stardom “Radha weeps and says “No dear,RK will not do that “.Raj says “Enough,I am going Dadi “.RK sees the people standing out and shouting “,we wantRK back on screen “.RK stands shocked .

Scene3:Aarya sees Madhu and baby sleeping .He cries on seeing Madhu ,He comes out ,and leaves the place .The doctor tells Rishbala to take Their Madhu and Their grandson to home .Madhoo sees Radha and tell about the new for discharge.Madhu gets ready and leaves to RK mansion .Agni and Paru do the aarti of Madhu and baby.
Raj comes in without any interest.Radha sees RK and Madhoo standing near the door .She calls “Rishab ,come in “.Madhu sees Radha and shouts no need Dida.Radha also ahockly sees Madhu .Rishbala was shocked .Raj smirks on RK.

Precap:Madhu shouts the way to go out is there ,you can leave or I will leave .

Credit to: Janani

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  1. I am not getting enough I like to stop the story

    1. nooooooooo sis…..
      pls continue for my sake atleast pls…………..
      it is awesome pls dont separate rishbala from their daughter madhu pls ya…………

  2. its not like that u continue its nice

  3. There are so many silent readers sis even I too I love ur story but don’t make madhu hate her parents and don’t make raj hate them too…

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