Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 24)


Scene1: The doctor comes out and says “By God’s grace ,we have made both mother and child alive “.Radha hugs RK and says “You have become a grandfather “.RK says “Mmm”.and cries in happiness.Raj tries to go and see Madhu when the nurse comes out and says “The patient want to meet Her parents “.Raj was shocked because she does not like to meet him .Rishbala enters the ward and sees Madhu lying on bed .Madhoo calls “Madhu “.She opens her eyes and calls “Mama”and hugs her mother. She sees RK and says “Daddy “.Madhoo tells about Raj’s bail .Madhu Shouts “I saw him doing the murder “and faints .

Scene2: RK comes out and tell the situation to Doctor .RK goes near Raj and says “We trust you “.Raj shouts “You are the reason , have taken all my happiness “.RK stood puzzled .Raj cries “Today my Madhu have abandoned me ,”.Radha pacifies him and makes him calm down .Madhoo comes out says “Raj,She want to meet you “.Raj runs inside the ward .Raj tries to touch the baby ,Madhu says “I don’t want you to see my baby ,You have commited a crime “.Raj says “The reason is “.Madhu says “Crime is always a crime “.She says “I don’t want to live with a murderer “.Raj breaks down and cries like a small child .

Scene3:RK tells the way Raj talked to him .Madhoo says “You also talked in the similar way to Samsher years ago ,Its hurt when you are a father for a grown daughter “.RK says “But this Raj is considering Mr as his enemy “.SKB says “No,Rishab he is felling insecure because of your arrival “.They see Aarya coming .He says “Shikandar Bhatiya “.SKB tries to explain when Aarya says “Its OK ,You don’t trust me that all “.Madhu remembers seeing Aarya as a small child .Aarya says “RK uncle ,how are you ?”.All of them are shocked by Aarya’s cool attitude .

Precap:Madhu is discharged from hospital.

Credit to: janani

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  1. nice sis…………..
    and is it a boy r a girl baby?????????????

  2. Great going… Whether it is a boy or girl eager to see again in episodes in tv.. Pls update daily waiting for ur episodes.

  3. update the next one soon pls………..

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