Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 23)

Scene1:Kunal spills the water and shouts “Siddhi ,they died before accident “stops and sees the news about Rishbala.Siddhi and Kunal get ready to go to police station .Madhoo cries to ganpathi to bring back her daughter like how he brought. RK before 27 years .In the operation theatre Madhu ( daughter ) struggles for life .RK comes from police station and informs that “Raj is in jail, How is Madhu ?”.

Scene2: Siddhi akes Raj out in bail .He thanks her for her timly help.Kunal says “Thank your RK and Madhoo” and leaves with Siddhi to his home .Siddhi tells to Kunal “What is the future of Raj when RK is alive “.Someone in the road says “Raj is finished “.Raj hears it and goes to the hospital where Madhu is admitted . He sees Radha,SKB,Madhubala standing out and ask to Radha “What is going on ,where is my madhu ?”.Radha tells about Madhu’s operation .RK comes and calls “Raj ,she will be fine “.Raj doesn’t reply to RK.

Scene3: Madhoo calls RK and tells him ” Am I a misery RK?”.RK pacifies her she cries and says “I am cause for your troubles now for the trouble of my daughter “.Radha hugs Madhoo and pacifies her .Raj sees the doctor coming out and runs to the doctor and ask “How is my Madhu ?”.The doctor says “We are not god ,we are doing our best and rest is in the hands of god “.Raj shouts at God to bring Madhu to him .He remembers seeing her in different situation and cries .

Precap:Madhu gives birth to a child .she ask RK and Madhoo to come inside .Raj feels dejected .

Note: (You can give me your idea whether it is a boy or girl child .)
Wish me because today is my birthday friends .

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  1. Happy birthday janani

    1. It should be a girl then only 3madhubala it will rocking

  2. Ur story is so nice and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  3. I like ur story. And love d way u are presenting them. And wish u many more happy returns of d day.
    Keep rocking…

  4. Many more happy returns of the day ? nd epi… Was very nice

  5. let it be a boy………
    and belated bday wishes sis….
    sorry read only today……………..

  6. happy birthaday janani may god bless with all victory
    let it be a boy with rk’s attitude,and aj’s character..

  7. belate happy 18th birthday dr…sorry for late wishes. .may god will give u al happiness in ur life 🙂 be happy. .keep smiling

  8. Let it be boy.. Sorry for not commenting recently …happy birthday.. Many more happy and great returns of the day???

  9. Actually there are already 2 madhubalas and we have seen both of them’s childhood days…..
    RK/Raja both of them’s childhood days arent known to us……
    So if it is a boy it will be nice or twins…..
    A girl and a boy both will be better……
    If twins let it be a boy and a girl sis……

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