Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 22)


scene 1: The episode starts with Madhu reaching the sitara studio ,she calls “Raj,where are you?”.She doesn’t get reply,She shouts”Raj,Raj”.RK and Madhoo comes to the place ,they stands in a dark corner and sees the happening .Radha reaches the place and all of them goes inside the studio ,sees Madhu standing in shock ,everyone sees the direction and sees Raj sitting near a dead girl and shouts “He did not do anything “.

Scene 2:Raj runs towards Madhu and says the same repeatedly .Madhu faints ,RK runs and catches her .He shouts “Madhu ,Madhu what happened?”.Madhoo was shocked to see the dead body . Press people reach the place and sees RK and they starts to cover the matter .police comes and arrest Raj.Radha says “He is innocent and cries ” Raj sees Madhu taken to hospital and shouts “My Rani “.

Scene 3:SKB reaches the place and shouts at the press for making issue .The press people says “Now our RK is back after 25 years ,will he become the emperor of film industry “.Is RK faked his own death .
At the hospital,the doctor says to all that “The case is complicated ,We are trying to protect both but we are not sure “.Madhoo cries and hugs Radha .Madhoo calls someone ask for help

Scene4:It is shown as Siddhi Kunal (Parichey )She has become one of the best lawyer in field .She was surprised to hear Madhoo’s voice,she sees the news and says “I am coming there “.Kunal ask “What ?”.She says “Rishbala is back “.

Precap:Kunal and siddho brings Raj in bail .

Credit to: janani

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  1. its interesting…plz update…

  2. Superb janani awesome

  3. thank thank thank so so sooooooo much sis for bringing back kunal and siddhi back……….
    i miss them a lot…………..
    very interesting……………..

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