Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 21)


Scene1: Raj leaves the studio ,Person standing outside says to one another that “Raj is nothing before RK,he is the true Real Star.”.Raj leaves the place angrily,he ask his driver to go to temple .In the house ,Madhu tries to bend and take a dust from ground ,she cannot bend because she was pregnant ,Madhu suddenly gets pain in her stomach and cries “Ma”.Madhoo was preparing food for RK,she shouts “RK,Something bad is happening to my daughter “.RK consoles her and says “She will be happy with her husband,you don’t worry “.the servant and Radha takes Madhu to hospital in the car .
Raj stops in his car near temple ,sees Rajinibala dancing in the rain,she was shouting ,I am going to become the heroine of Raj Sir .Raj smiles and leaves to home .
Scene2: Rishbala was talking to each other ,Madhoo says “We can go to RK mansion ” .RK says “No,Madhoo,if world comes to know that RK is back,then they won’t accept Raj “.Madhoo cries “But “.Radha prays to the god to bring her Grand daughter save in life .Madhu was treated by Doctors .The doctors says to Radha”Don’t sorry mam,she is having a false pain “.Raj comes and hugs Madhu .
Scene3: After two months
Madhu ‘s godhbari function is going on RK mansion.But Raj leaves the house ,due to his tight schedule .Madhu gets ready in a red Saree she comes down and sees Raj missing ,she sobs in her heart and smiles outside .RK and Madhoo sees this and gets teary eyes on seeing Madhu’s happiness .But RK notice something bad and sees Madhu going somewhere in the crowd .He informs this to Radha and ,she follows Madhu with Aarya ,Madhu drives a car and goes to see Raj in his studio .RK and Madhu comes running to Sitata studio .

Precap:The press people sees RK and shouts “Hey ,our RK is alive and shows it in Live telecast .

Credit to: janani

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  1. god u r mindblowing janani, pls continue and update fast i am waiting for ur next episode sis plssssssssssss

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