Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 20)

Scene1: Radha ask “But why ?”.RK ask her to go home or else Madhu will search for her at temple .SKB says same and takes Rafha to the temple ,Aarya searches for Radha in the temple and sees Radha getting down from SKB’s car ,He hide near a stubhi and hears their conversation . SKB ask Radha not to. disclose anything to Madhu or Raj .She goes from there with teary eyes .Aarya Hears this and says to himself that “Dad is playing a game with me and I won’t spare him anymore “.Radha reaches home .Madhu comes running and hugs Radha .”Where did you went dadi ?”.Radha says she went to meet one of her friend ,and gives the Saree to Madhu

Scene2: Madhu likes the saree very much and says “It is super dida “.Rafha remembers Madhoo asking “ma please give this saree to my daughter as a gift from me ,she will like it .”.Radha hugs Madhu and kisses her in forehead .Raj calls SKB to ask him about to new film project .SKB ask Raj to call him in evening .Raj says yes .
Aarya drives the car rashly and was about to hit a girl ,she falls down and began to cry .Aarya pacifies her .The girl says that “You have destroyed my whole dress .,now how will I attend my audition ” Aarya gives her water to clean the dress .She was about slap Aarya ,Aarya hold her hand and they have a eyelock .

Scene3: The girl shout at Aarya to leave her hand,He leaves her hand and goes start the car ,The girl reaches the Studio for audition ,The manager says “Audition was over so go from here “.Raj sees a girl shouting with Cast director ,and call the girl to come inside .The girl was surprised to see Raj .She says about her ambition to become a actress .Raj gives her a situation. and ask her to act .She does the scene perfectly ,and says She is selected to play the lead role for His film .The girl runs there in joy ,Raj ask her she says Rajinibala,and leaves .The director says but .Raj says “It is my film and I’ll decide it ,”and goes there ,A light man sees this and tells “I have seen RK’s attitude in Raj “.

Precap:Rajinibala enjoys in rain, RK sees this from his car .

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