Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 19)


Scene1: RK,Radha and Shikky comes to a house in a country side ,it was the house which RK says he will construct for Madhu. RK presses the calling bell,A lady shouts “I won’t open the door,you don’t have punctuality “.RK says sorry,I have a gift for you ,please open the door .A Lady opens the door ,she was wearing a brown coloured cotton saree and black coloured blouse ,She comes out was happy to see Shikky there ,Shikky moves and Radha sees the lady ,She is Madhubala ,time has brought change in her appearance but she was same as before .She sees Radha ,She was spellbound and ask ,”RK is it true “.Shikky says “Madhu ,your mom is back to you after 25 years ” tears rolled from her eyes ,She says “Mummyji “and goes and hugs Radha.Radha cannot trust her eyes because her Madhu ,RK ,Shikky are back.RK says “OK please come inside and do your reunion ” as people will see you crying in the street ,Madhu stare at him and takes Radha inside the house .Radha comes inside the house ,she sees the picture of Madhu standing with Deepali ,and another photo of Deepali with a flower over it ,she touch the photo .There another picture of a small girl hugging RK and Madhu.Radha ask who was she .Madhu says “Mom she is Deepika ,Deepali’s daughter”.

Scene2: Madhu was worrying for the return of Radha in the RK mansion,she ask the driver “Where did you leave ,Radha dida”.The driver says “Near the temple ,mam”.Madhu gets worry and tries to call Raj.But she didn’t get tower.Aarya shouts at the servant “Do you know where is Dad”.Aarya, then takes the car and goes in search of SKB.Madhu dials Aarya .Aarya sees the phone and says “Madhubala “.and takes the phone.

Scene3: I am writing as Madhoo for (Rishab’s wife ),Madhoo ask Radha “How is Madhu ,their daughter ?”.Radha says “Very fine ,she is pregnant “.Madhoo gets teary eyes and ask RK that she want to meet
Her.RK says “Mmm OK”. A small girl peep in through the door ,RK sees her and calls “Hey chameli ,what are you doing ?”. The girl says “I am Mona not Chameli ,I came to see Madhoo aunty “.Madhoo ask her What does she want .The girl says her mother ask to give this dress to Madhoi.and leaves by kissing Madhoo . RK receives a call from a girl . RK says “Deepika, What is the matter ?”.The girl ask “Whether dadis there , choti papa”.RK signs the matter to SHikky .Shikky ask him to say no .RK do as per his wish .Radha ask all of them to come to RK mansion. Madhoo sees RK’s face and says “It cannot happen ma “.Radha ask “Why?” and cries hugging Madhoo.
Madhu tells about Radha Missing from Temple .Aarya ask her not to worry and calls SKB alias Shikky.

Precap:Madhoo gives the dress given by The girl to Radha and ask her to give it to her daughter .Madhubala .

Credit to: janani

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