Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 18)


Scene1: Radha hold the man ‘s hand ,she shouts Don’t cheat me, I know you.Rafha feels frizzy and was about to fall down.Two men’s hold them and ask ” Are you fine?”.Finally Radha gts OK after having some water .She sees Both SKB and the man standing near her,she says “I want explanation “.SKB sees the face of Man and he nods OK, We will tell you but not here. They takes Radha to a isolated place.Radha com’s out of the car and ask “For the past 24 years ,I bought that I ve lost my whole family .”.SKB says “Sorry mom, he ask me not to inform anyone”.Raha ask But how is this possible ,all of you died .Both of them stood still ,Radha ask “I am talking to you Rishab”.
The man’s blanket moves from him(,he is our RK),but he looks a bit old Bt not lost his charm.He says “Mummy..

Scene2: FlashBack:
RK and Madhu are was. argueing with each other about. The name for their daughte , Deepali was. standing in a distance and sees all ths ,she says ” I hate both of them “. Shikky camed near her and hugs ,Deepali goes wih staring at him. Radha takes the girl baby out in order t stop her cry. a couple comes and says Rishbala that they have made a same pattern of tatto in their hand .The people who brought bomb blast it mistakenly in the entrance itself , RK and Madhu were talking To Shikky inn the back door ,when The hear the bomb sound ,RK and. Shkky try to save many people .,Shikkg. sees Deepali in between pillars and. lift he to save ,a big pillar falls on RK,his face for a fire bruises,shikky, Mafhu try to bring RK out , RKsays “madhu I am sorry”. and all the four run out through the back door.
Scene3: They all reach a ayrvedic clinic as RK was sure to fake their death .Deepali was moved by the way ,Shikky takes care of her and she feels Bad for her deeds,in shown after 2 years , They lives in a small house ,RK got well but still can’t walk freely ,Deepali has changed and is pregnant with Shikk’s child .Deepali got pain ,Shikky and Madhu leaves out to get some grossery
Scene3: Deepali was hospitalised by RK ,she feels sorry for her deeds and dies delivering a baby girl.Then Madhu takes care of the baby. Flashback over.Radha hugs RK and Shikky and ask “Where is Madhu and Shikky’s daughter?”.Shikk @SKB takes Rafha and RK in his car to a house .A. lady comes out of the house calling RK are you back .

Precap: Reunion of Madhu and Radha. he heard a blast ,RK runs to save as many as possible .Shikky sees Deepali injured and takes her to…

Credit to: janani

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  1. sorry ,the precap was not is
    Precap: Reunion of Madhu and Radha

  2. woww finally Rshbala are back……..
    and sis isnt it deepali and shikky’s daughter?????

  3. Superb janani if the show continued the same would have happened superb writer you are

  4. My fav. Show..thank u so much for bringing it back..I can’t tell u how greatful I am to u…???thanks a llllooottt..I ve read all episode till now.. Its an awesome story..great going..pls do update next as soon as possible…???thanks again???

  5. Tday nly i read all the episodes it was osum and contnue with more twists

  6. oh my god you are an awesome writer janani seriously i love you for bringing rishbala i am just thinking as if it is happening in real oh man i am so happy thank you so so so so so muchhhhhhhhh……..

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