Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 17)


Scene1: The episode starts with Radha thinking What Baba says and feels bad for. Madhu’s future.The baba has said that “Something which can change the whole life of Madhu will happen”.Radha feels worry and sleeps in the night . Madhu sits in the sofa and thinks about Dadi answer about Aarya .and feels she is hiding something .Raj comes and says to Madhu’ I am going for outdoor shooting for 1 week’ and sees Madhu not responding and calls ” Madhu”. and goes near her. SKB was waiting for Aarya and Deepika to have food . Deepika comes and talks about Raj ,his acting skills .Aarya comes down and says ” Deepu, You don’t know abt the acting skill of Rishab Kundra , he can act well than any person . Do u agree With me “. SKB was shocked and says “Mmm” and goes from there without having food.

Scene2: Raj ask ‘what happened ‘,when Madhu tells about her thoughts ‘.Raj says that ” Dida will not say any lie to us ,come we can go to room “.Madhu and Raj goes to room.SKB goes to his room and thinks Why Aarya is behaving weird. Next day Radha gets ready to meet Aarya. but she stops when she saw a photo in Madhu’s hand and ask Madhu about it .Madhu says. it is Raj’s andSKB’s photo.Radha calls SKB phone and get to know he is in temple and goes there .SKB goes to a temple and was sitting near the stairs .He feels someone calling him and turns to see Man in disguise , He looks somewhat like SKB in some features .SKB ask the Veiled man ” How are you “. He says fine idiot.When SKB tries to ask “How is …”.The man replied ,she is very fine . SKB ask ” How many days we want to do this ,Aarya suspect me “.The man says “It will end in some days “.Radha sees them from distance .SKB says “I fell hurt due to all this “. When they were about to leave .

Scene3: Radha comes and calls SKB.Both. men were are shocked ,Radha ask both of them to stop .SKB wishes Radha as if nothing
happens.Radha ask the man”How is your Wife?”.The man says fine and try to go.Radha says “I said want to talk”.and hold The man’s
hand .SKB was also shocked by the words Radha tells.

Precap: She tell to then You have been cheating me for all these years and was about to fall due to depression .

Credit to: janani

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  1. guess the person in blanket

  2. Is he rk’s brother siiiikyy….

  3. wish and guess it is RK………….

  4. if the person in blanket is sikky den who is skb?

    or if skb is sikky ? then d other one sikky’s dad?
    im really waiting to reveal them.. u told u will post today…? nw i shud wait till 2mrw.. 🙁

  5. ya phir rk hein blanket mein?? but skb nd he look similar u said so no way.. LOL

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