Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 16)


Scene1: Raj thanks Aarya for giving his chain.He says that “Do u remember Madhu ,this chain was given by my taiji to me ” ,Madhusays yes .Aarya gets up to leave the place when Raj calls him and ask. “What is your name?”.Aarya turns back to answer , they hears Radha Dadi telling ” Aarya Sultan Kundra”.Everybody including Aarya was shocked. Radha comes in. Madhu ask”Do u know him Did a”.Radha says ‘yes I know him for years ,he is ‘ and stops on seeing Aarya’s reaction. Radha comlete it and says “he is my sister’s grand son ‘. Raj ask Aarya ‘Is it ?’.Aarya sees Radha and says ” yes I am”

Madhu was surprised to hear all this .
Scene2: SKB goes to home and ask the servant ‘Where is Aarya?”.Servant says that he went out in his car .SKB shouts ‘oh no’.Aarya enters and calls ” What daddy”.SKB takes him to his room and ask Aarya ” where did you go?”.He says to meet his sister Madhu and she gave me this sweets and shows a pack . Aarya starts to eat a kachori from it and says really tasty .SKB shouts “Disgusting “.

Scene3: It is late at night ,Raj comes home and Madhu serves Raj food and goes to call Radha. Radha thinks anout What Baba told to her in temple .Madhu calls Radha to have supper Radha doesn’t come out of the room and says “No Madhu ,I keeping fast so no need food”. Madhu leaves , Raj sees and ask “What happened Madhu” .Madhu tells nothing and goes to take food from kitchen.

Precap: A baba tells to Rafha that Your grand daughter life will change in some months.

Credit to: janani

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  1. nice……..
    one suggestion: could u bring Our Original RK and Madhu back alive…….pls..i miss them alot……..

    1. I am happy by ur support because only Some person like u usually like my story . Thanks fr ur support. I will try to bring Rishbala together minimum fr a scene maximum for some episodes .

  2. arey yaar…plz say who d hell is dis SKB plz..plz… πŸ™
    still how many episodes to wait janani?

    1. today I’ll tell

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