Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 15)


Scene1: The episode starts with Madhu waking from bed and found Raj getting ready for going to Jogging.Madhu gets freshen up and ask”When did u come Raj?”.He replies about his meeting with Aarya.Madhu says that she feels somewhat related to Aarya in someway or other.Raj nods yes,he says that even he feels the same way on seeing Aarya. Raj leaves for jogging.Madhu then goes to get ready. Aarya was playing game in his tablet ,he sees SKB going out for jogging. At once when SKB leaves .Aarya leaves the house with a determination in his face.

Scene2: Madhu comes down and sees Agni talking with Her husband with love ,Madhu sees this And smiles.Radha calls Madhu and informs that she is going to temple as it is poornima .Madhu tells that she wisjh to accompany Her but Radha says firmly” No dear,it is not the time for you to travel so no”.Madhu says OK.Madhu light the diya near Rishbala’s photo and goes to cook.Raj meets SKB in the park.He calls “SKB sir “.SKB was shocked and turns.

Scene3: Madhu hears the bell sound and was shocked and surprised to see Aarya.Aarya ask Madhu”May I come inside ,if you don’tmind”
Madhu ask him to come inside . Aarya sits in the sofa,he sees Rishbala’s photo and correct the frame.Madhu comes with Tea ,Aarya taste the tea while Madhu message Raj to come home . Agni sees Aarya and sign Madhu who is he and Madhu sees it and ask Agni to remain silent.Raj ask SKB to excuse him as he want to leave as he receives a message from His rani and tells briefly about Aarya and their meeting and leaves urgently.SKB tries to call Aarya.
In RK mansion .
Aarya receives a call but he intentionally cuts the call for several times.Aarya gives a metal chain of Raj which he leaves yesterday near Aarya’s car and was about to leave when Raj enters home and ask Aarya to wait.

Precap: Raj ask Aarya his name when Aarya was about to tell ,They hear a voice saying Aarya Sultan Kundra and all turn in shock.

Credit to: janani

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