Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 14)


Scene1: Raj sees Madhu sleeping by holding a album ,Raj comes near Madhu and sit besides her ,caresses her face. Raj try to take the photo album without waking Madhu . Raj takes the album ,it contains Raj and Madhu’s wedding photo.He smiles on seeing those pictures.He makes Madhu sleep comfortably and leaves to change.Aarya has reached home but was still caught in between the thoughts about Raj and what Deepika says about Raj. He feel bad for both Madhu and Deepika.He goes inside the house.He sees SKB waiting for Him and try to move from there but SKB sees Arya and calls him. Aarya goes near SKB. He hugs Aarya and says sorry for hiding the truth about Madhubala’s daughter.Aarya says that was all right but .SKB again apologise and call Aarya to have food but ,Aarya denies and goes from there.
Scene2: Aarya comes to his room ,he open the cupboard and take a pistol from inside . he cries on seeing the pistol .And again takes a photo of Madhubala and himself ,it was a old picture .He says” Madhu di I saw your daughter today ,she was as beautiful as you and as well as kind even your SIL is nice ,he not like that RK but I won ‘t spare the family who is responsible for my father’s death”.He says I felt sorry. and closes the box.SKB follows Arya and sees his activities ,he goes to call Deepika and finds her sobbing while sleeping ,he feels very bad for his children.
Scene3: Madhu was standing near steps when suddenly someone pushes her from the steps ,Madhu fell down and was in a pool of blood, She shouts “Raj”.Raj suddenly wakes up and shouts in agony as “No,No”, it happens to be Raj’s dream.He sees Madhu sleeping near him.He goes to the mandir and prays to the god to keep his Madhu safe. Raj sees Madhu from distance and gets worry . same time . Deepika wakes up at midnight and sees SKB still awake sitting in the couch thinking about something. She goes near him and calls “Dad ,are you fine” SKB smiles and says nothing you go and sleep.Aarya sees this from room and says to himself “I hate Kundra family “.

Precap: Madhu was cooking when she hears a bell sound and goes to open and shocked to see the person at the door.

Credit to: janani

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