madhubala-Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 83)


” will you come to our house,mausi” asks Rohan seeing Deepika with a curiosity in his eyes,she cannot say lie on seeing his innocent face,she turns aside and takes out a chocolate from her bag for him.he sees her with expectation in his eyes still not ended. she tells”I will try to come Rohan,you asks you dad to bring you to RK mansion,OK!”.He goes out with his chocolate in his hand.Deepika smiles seeing him running,she tells”I cannot come and see your dad and you cannot come to meet my chacha,”she sees phone call from Aarya and picks the call.
Raj opens his eyes to see the place where he is lying,Madhu sits near him with some medicines in her hand. she smiles broadly on seeing him and tells about how he came here.He asks about the boy”the boy,madhu he came to tell something but didn’t due to this incident,he,where is he?”,she thinks to tell him about chandru but says simply”he left before sometimes,Raj”.Raj talks more about the boy,chandru ,he says about meeting the boy even long before somewhere,madhu shows her displeasure and tries to change the topic.he sees madhu’s face ,and finds some false in
Madhu’s clean eyes.
Aarya comes home and sees Rajini sitting in her room packing her bags and arranging the cloths in the bag.she sees him standing through the Mirror kept in the room.she turns towards him ,”do you need something aarya?”,he says nothing and sits in the sofa thinking about the conversation with deepika,he murmurs”I feel she loves Gowtham”,Rajini decides not to ask anything about the scrrensaver to him and comes out of the room .she sits switching the TV and sees the news about raj being hospitalised.she tries Madhu’ s number for several times .
Shaleen corrects her dress and tells to her assistant to cancel all the appointment for two days because she need some peace in her life.The assistant goes out of the room with the noting tablet in her hand.Shallen opens a cupboard after checking that the assistant as left.she takes out a album of her wedding and sits in the bed ,she turns the pages with much expression in her face.she breaks down at last ,(think Radika madan ) .she tells”I feel I did a big mistake by choosing career over Gowtham, sorry Gowtham”.she sees their photo together with tears .she hears knock at thd door and goes to see.Meher (any actor) stands there.she hides her tears and smile seeing him.
Gowtham thinks not to enter the house but Knocks at the door of RK mansion.Madhoo opens the door and gets surprised to see someone on the door.he introduced himself and sits in the hall.Deepika comes inside the house shouting chachI,she gets shocked to see Gowtham there.RK comes out of his room and sits talking with Gowtham.he tells”Sir,I am a divorcee ,I love you daughter derpika,even she don’t know my feelings about her”.everyone shocks on hearing his way of asking deepika’s hand.SKB says”we will tell after talking with deepika “.deepika runs inside without talking anything more,she prays to god to make everything fine.she asks SKB to accept the
proposal.she sees Gowtham’s happiness.Gowtham gets thoughts about shallen in the moment,he thanks Deepika in mind and waits for RK’s reply to the matter.

Precap:Madhu enters RK mansion along with Raj in Gowtham’s engagement.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    shaleen regrets leaving gowtham n child 4 career.but i think she wont get a 2nd chance as gowtham asked 4 deepika’s hand infront of elders n deepika n others r fine.duno what rk will say.radhika madan as grey shaded shallen was unexpected.seeing rishbala whhat was gowtham’s reaction…his confusion regarding rishbala rajbala has gone i guess.

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