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The episode starts with rk thinking “ I won’t see gudiya until you recover. So for my sake please get up fast and come to me.” Thinking he goes out of the house. He calls bittooji.
Rk : bittooji why u r late? I am waiting for you today there is a song shoot right, come fast. He ends the call. He says to himself” this sikky after deepali proposed him flied for honeymoon. What to do now? Feeling bored waiting to see my daughter. He thinks” shall I go and see her now what she is doing?” and stops himself” no rk no wait for bittoji here itself”
He hears radhaji trying to pacify gudiya gudiya is crying nonstop. Radhaji also sings for gudiya but she is not stopping her crying. Radhaji also knows rk’s swearing not to meet gudiya until madhu gets up. She rues on her son saying” what is this rishu doing? For his wife he is not at all meeting his daughter. Is he mad? And starts scolding rishu gudiya suddenly raises her voice radhaji panics “ I can’t handle her only her father can I want to unite these two”
Rk decides to go to see gudiya once and goes to radhaji’s room but stops at the entrance” what are you doing rk? U promised mahu that u won’t see gudiya until she revives. What ae you doing and scold himself”. Radhaji sees him and calls him.
Radha : rishu rishu come here beta

Rk : what happened ma? Why are u calling me? Is anything important?
Radahji: haa beta, take care of gudiya for sometime I will get water for her, munna and patil are not coming she is crying for long time. Take her.
Rk : but ma..
Radhaji : nothing take her(not waiting for his replies, she gives gudiya)
Rk : this maa, I told her about my swearing. He suddenly thinks something and turns to gudiya. He sees her smiling at him and kicking him.
Rk : what? How did she stop crying and that too only after I took her. He thinks for a while but he didn’t get anything so he turns and kisses gudiya.
Rk: I love you beti a lot but without your mom I am incomplete.wat to do? Please don’t be angry with me ok and again kisses her.
Radhaji sees this from behind and says” yes rishu she only stopped crying only after you took her because she feels the warmth of her mother in you because you are her father rishu, you are not complete without madhu like that she is also not complete without you both. Now you have to be both father and mother for her, ok do you understand?
Rk understands and nods at her and says

Rk : maa now take her I have to go for shooting, it is madhu’s wish right! Take her
Radhaji : ok beta( and raises her arms but gudiya is not coming) arrey come gudiya beta ( but gudiya is not coming she turns her face towards rk’s shirt and rubs her face. Rk giggles.
Rk : beti, come on have food I will come evening. Ok go to dadi beti ( and gives her to radhaji. She cries nonstop to her loud voice as much as she can. Rk panics and takes her again now she stopped crying rk smiles.
Rk : you are playing games with your papa huh? And asks radhaji “ what to do now maa I have to go to shooting know maa?
Radhaji thinks “ come on rishu tell that you will take her along. Rk thinks for a while and says to radhaji.
Rk : maa I will take her along with me and you also come when she sleeps you take her ok radhaji smiles and nods.

In the car, radhaji tries to feed her but she is not eating she says “ pls beta eat this pls for the sake of your dadi” rk smiles at her and says” maa what you are doing? You are requesting her she is your granddaughter.” Radhaji “ but rishu she is my life there is nothing wrong in that.” She tries to feed her again and again but gudiya doesn’t respond at all. She gets tired and rests her back in the car seat. Rk takes the spoon and takes it near to her mouth. She opens her mouth. Rk wonders and smiles radhaji also smiles seeing this. Rk feeds gudiya with a smile all over his face thinking how gudiya made him to feed someone other than madhu. He thinks of his arrogance, attitude and now the current where he is just smiling with love not with revenge and thinks of his moments with madhu.

Precap : rk makes gudiya sleep but she is not at all sleeping just plsying. Rk roams around his caravan how to make gudiya sleep “ I have to go for shot” and turns and see someone and shocked

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Credit to: vaishali

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