MADHUBALA-EK ISHQ EK JUNOON FF- Episode 8 continue and Episode 9 combined


Guys so sorry for the late update as I was busy with my exams and my grandpa funeral I couldn’t update and there are no comments at all pls comment if you don’t like this track means pls suggest me or I will end this in the next part.

The episode rk reaching studio with gudiya all gets surprised to see rk with gudiya bittoji comes calling “ chief woh” and sees rk with gudiya.
Bittoji : chief, beti here, what happened? Where is bhabhi?
Rk cries and goes inside. Bittooji follows him and sees rk sitting with his hands in the head. Bittoji kneels before him and asks “ chief what happened? Pls tell mee pls.” rk tells all the things happened. Bittoji also cries and tells him” don’t worry chief we are there na don’t worry bhabhiji will wake up within a week we will take care.” Rk nods in a sigh of relief.
After 1 week:
Rk impatiently walks to and fro in his room with gudiya.
Rk: this biwi still didn’t wake up sleeping for more than 10 days not enough for her? She slept deliberately to punish me by leaving me and gudiya. She also knows that it will be tough for me to handle gudiya so she punished me for all my wrong doings right from 4 phere shaadi to till now.
He wals continuously which is more than 2 km. he goes near hid dad’s photo and bappa’s idol and prays for madhu’s betterment. Suddenly he heard a voice. “ bhaiyya bhaiyya” first he didn’t react as to who wil call him bhaiyya. Again he gets the same voice. He turns and sees madhu calling him “ bhaiyya “ he is hell shocked.

Madhu : bhaiyya can u pls tell me how am I here? and who r u?
Rk : what? Madhu why are u calling me bhaiyya I am ur husband na pls don’t tell me u lost ur memory in this deep sleep.
Madhu : ohh my name is madhu.i see but bhaiyya pls tell me where am i? and who is this child? Is she ur daughter? She is just looking as same as u. where is ur patni?
Rk “ biwi why and cries.
Madhu : me biwi? don’t kid Mr. ok stop it and sees the room fully once and stops at once seeing th photos of her and rk throughout the room. Ohh this is ur biwi she is looking as same as me so only u r calling me biwi don’t mistake me I am not ur biwi.
Rk turns and cries “ omg now how am I able to give her memory back” and looks at the mirror next to him. In that mirror he sees madhu laughing at rk he sees this” oh my jungle billi u r kidding me now u see what ur right kameena is gng to do” he smirks at her
Rk : yes sister I was wrong u r a lookalike of my biwi come I will drop u to any women’s hostel and for ur information don’t think more about me as I am gng to marry someone and I will surely invite u for my wedding. Thank you come I will drop you and one more thing if u want any help in packing call munna or patil chalo beti come let’s go aunty will be leaving this house. And goes from there giggling at madhu.

Madhu takes a pillow and hits him continuously.
Madhu : how dare u mr. rishab kundra don’t ever think of leaving me ok and takes gudiya from him and tells to her “ beti ur dad was thinking me to leave me and get married again tell him to not leave ur beloved mother and tell him that u can’t live without ur mother.” Rk takes gudiya from her and tells “no beti tell ur so called mother that u lived without her for two weeks.’ They argue more and more and gudiya started crawling on the bed rk sees this and is amazed and tells madhu they oth take gudiya and kisses her and pose for a family photo. Madhu goes down all the family is present there and is extremely full of joy seeing madhu. Madhu is all happy.
Rk goes for shooting in a very happy mood. Madhu is playing with baby in her room. Rk is in the car and remembers that he has missed the script of his new movie. He calls madhu and at the same time radhaji calls madhu she goes down leaving gudiya alone. Seeing rk’s pic in the screen gudiya crawls towards the phone and attends it.

Rk : haan biwi I have missed the script of dilwale in our room left side drawer pls get it for me I am waiting. But as he didn’t get any response he again again calls biwi biwi. Gudiya recognizing his voice says” pa… pa…”
Rk : papa biwi I am ur patidev not papa but u r calling me. Pa… and stops in the medway papa oh my god, beti . he is happy to the core and asks the driver to go back home fast asap. And gets happy that gudiya called him papa for the first time.
As rk did not reach the shooting spot at time his producer calls rk but he did not take call as he was busy talking with gudiya telling her again and again to call him papa. The producer calls bittoji but he also didn’t attend. He gets frustrated. He tells “ rk u r making me sick u r fighting with the wrong person. See I will remove you from my movie and actors association. Soon u will be on the road and there will be no madhubala this time “ he gives a stern look at the rk’s poster.

Precap : rk is so happy as well as madhu as gudiya as started speaking.the producer amar chadda call ak and asks him “ can you do my film dilwale?” ak who was surprised at the beginning ans says “ sure..” and gives a sarcastic smile.

Guys I am not getting any response pls comment or else I will end this ff in the next episode itself pls pls comment.

Credit to: vaishali

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