Thanks guys for your comments. Pls suggest some motive for mukund their name will be mentioned and thanks for ur support.
The episode starts with a car hitting madhu.
Rk : madhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Madhu : rk don’t leave our beti rk saying she faints. Rk panics and takes her to hospital in the car. In the car,
Madhu : rk no matter if I am there or not please don’t leave our beti pls rk.
Rk : shut up biwi, you are not going anywhere who told that I will give ticket to go, I wont ok pls don’t say like that.madhu faints.
They reach the hospital. Nurses take madhu to operation theatre. Bittoji calls everyone and informs them all comes to the hospital. Rk was praying in front of bappa.
Rk : bappa, why you are making my family suffer always? Madhu loved you a lot than me she made us friends again why u r doing this to her? She feeds laddoos nonstop for you when she is not there you wont get any laddoos from me. Pls save her.
Doctor comes out. All gather in front of him. Doctor asks “ is there anyone with AB- blood group?”

Rk : I am AB-. I will give blood for my biwi. Radhama and padmini cries and tells gudiya” don’t worry beta, your mom will always be there for you. Don’t cry”
While giving blood to madhu, rk remembers once madhu giving blood to him when he was shot. He cries. outside media is giving news of madhu’s accident.” Rk’s wife madhubala was a famous actress before her pregnancy now she had undergone a bad accident. Don’t know the condition of mahubala rk’s fans and her fans are praying for her a lot” they show fans praying for madhu. Rk and family all sees this.
Rk : see all my fans and her fans are praying. Now nothing will happen to my madhu ow all go to home and freshen up I will be here.
Doctor comes out,and says” rk sir, madhu had a severe head injury. Did she sleep well for the past few days?”
Rk : no doctor, she didn’t sleep well we had some personal problems so she couldn’t sleep.
Doctor : so, that’s the reason that sleeplessness had brought madhu to coma.
Rk : what????????
Doctor : yes, you have to accept this. Madhu will be in come for two weeks I have given her sleeping injections there should be no infections, no disturbances.
Rk : (crying) shall I take her home?
Doctor : yes you can but you should take care of her well and you also have a baby right?
Rk : yes, a girl.
Doctor: how old is she?
Rk: 4 and ½ months why?

Doctor : because coz of madhu she can also get infection. So take care I will prepare for discharge.
Rk : (in a sad tone) ok doctor.
Madhu has been brought to home in stretcher. All wait at the entrance rk enters with gudiya. Radhaji takes aarti fr madhu. Rk asks” why ma you r takingaarti?” radhaji “ rishu she is again welcomed as my bahu she will soon return to me as my daughter that’s why I took aarti” rk nods.
Madhu is taken to her room rk makes comfortable for her in bed. Rk tells to madhu” I am there for you madhu.. you have taken care of me now it is my turn. I will take care o you both” and kisses madhu and gudiya. Rk feeds gudiya and makes her sleep. Radhaji comes and asks rk “ can I take gudiya with me?” rk “ why ma?” radhaji” you will not be able to sleep and she will also get infection soon” rk not satisfied says” ok ma.”
Madhu is sleeping peacefully. Rk is sitting next to her in chair and looking at her and holding her hand.

After 3 days, rk is telling madhu “ biwi I am going to shooting as you told me, I will be returning soon wait for me I will be back soon “ and kisses her forehead. He strikes of todays date and says 3 days have gone I am waiting for you madhu. After that only I will go and see gudiya so wake up soon. He turns to see madhu and sheds tears and remembers their romantic moments.

Precap: radhaji tries to feed gudiya but she is crying nonstop. Rk while going to shoot hears gudiya crying. He goes to radhaji’s room but stops. Radhaji saw him and calls him” rishu wait I will get water for gudiya take care of her”. Rk takes gudiya she stops crying and smiles at him. Rk looks on surprisingly” how she stopped crying when I took her?”

Guys madhu will soon be having a memory loss and pls suggest mukund’s motive to kill rk. And thanks for ur support friends.

Credit to: vaishali

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  1. Aaawwwww…. Rishu with gudiya awesome. Lovely dear..

    1. thank you

  2. Good epi

  3. The reason could be like because RK got mukund cheated in marrying madhu .. he wants revenge. He is’nt in luv with madhu but knows that madhu is Rk’s happiness . So he wants her. Let madhu have temporary memory loss where she forgets Rk and his luv . Then Mukund will try to win her. But contiuously let madhu feel something for Rk. At the peak of marriage with Mukund .. make Madhu revive her marriage memories with Rk. To make it interesting let the doc tell Rk that if they force Madhu of her memories she may go to coma.

  4. Mukund and his mom wants ruin rk and madhu’s reqltionship. Because when mukund left madhu and tried to get married his marriage didn’t happen. And had to marry a rich, ugly mad girl. Mukund and his mom consider rishbala responsible for mukund’s marriage problem. And so they just want to break their marriage.

  5. thanks all for supporting you have more ideas guys thank you

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