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Scene 1:
Madhu goes outside the mansion crying. She waits outside the mansion for mukund. A car comes and madhu gets into it. The car goes. Rk sees all this from the gate and follows the car with another one. Mukund calls madhu.
Mukund : madhu darling, where are you ? I am waiting outside sitara studio. Come fast babe.
Madhu : I am on the way. I want to say something important to you wait for me.
Mukund : sure darling, I am waiting to listen to your words for ages. Come fast.
Madhu : hm on the way.
Madhu thinks her l;ove with rk and their baby’s delivery in studio rk’s confession of love and cries.
Rk follows the car and reaches sitara studio backstage.

Rk : I want to know why madhu is doing all this she promised me to not leave me and our daughter. Why did she decided this way?

Scene 2:
Madhu enters the studio and sees mukund waiting there.
Mukund : hello swet heart, come I am waiting for you you are mine now lets start our love story.
Madhu : wait I told that I want to say something important to you right. Wont you listen to it?
Mukund : tell the matter madhu.
Madhu : I am pregnant with rk’s child
Mukund : what??????????
Madhu :yes, I am pregnant today morning I confirmed it. I didn’t tell rk about this. He will sure will be happy.
Mukund : but madhu what about me ?
Madhu : yes you are my love. But I wont let this child go
Mukund : you have to abort it madhu come I will do abortion in pune.
Rk hears all this from backstage and was amused “ really madhu pregnant again?”
He drags madhu’s hand but someone fires the gun “ hands up “

Scene 3:
All turn and they see police there.
Police : take your hands off from madhu mam.
Mukund : who the hell are you ?
Madhu : they are called police I told them to come. Because you are crazy in my love to take off your craziness they have come here.
Mukund : what? What are you saying darling ?
Madhu : stop! Stop! Enough how copuld you believe that I will leave my rk and my daughter. Are you mad? But I am a mad in rk’s love. No one can love me more than rk does. It is your misunderstanding that I love you. Yes I were in love with you in the beginning. But now rk is my love and he is my life.
Mukund : you cheated me I wont leave you.
Police grabs mukund’s hads and go from there. Rk hears all this and cries happily
Rk goes to madhu.” Madhu”. Madhu is surprised” rk you, here”
Rk: yes I am here I heard all the things. I love you madhu I know you. I want to know something.
Madhu what?

Rk : r u reall pregnant? Am I going to become father again? And hugs her.
Madhu : rk stop it I just said to divert his mind only. Ok don’t think much.
Rk : shall we make the lie true? And pulls her closer.
Madhu : rk, leave me where is our beti?
Rk : she is with her family. Now I want my birthday gift come on give me.
Madhu : what?
Rk shows his lips. Madhu runs suddenly a car hits mdhu.rk cries.Rk : madhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………

Precap: rk takes madhu to the hospital. Doctor comes out and says” madhu had severe injury in her head she will be in coma for two weeks and we will say what to do nxt” rk cries and prays to bappa for madhu.

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Credit to: vaishali

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  2. Very nice episode.

  3. And pls don’t make madhu to be in coma for several days. Waiting to see her happy again

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