MADHUBALA-EK ISHQ EK JUNOON FF- Episode 5 (a love with hate formula)


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Scene 1:
Rk hears all this and goes to the wash room. He cries in front of the mirror.
Rk : why? Why? Why this is happening to me? Am I not fit for love? Why my love always go from me? First my mom she became another man’s wife and deepali she left me for stardom but madhu stayed with me in all my tough times she is my life how she decided to leave me? She knows that I cant live without her, gudiya cant live without her. Why????
He shouts in front of the mirror and breaks the things. He remembers gudiya sleeping in the couch and runs out.
Rk : beti, beti I think she is fine.
He doesn’t see gudiya in the couch. He panics “ oh my god! Gudiya”
He suddenly turns and see madhu standing with gudiya in darkness. He gets angry and shouts” madhu leave my daughter” and goes near her. The light gets on. He sees the room fully decorated. All come out of darkness radhama, sikky, deepali, bittooji, malik, padmini, trishna, roma. All wish rk “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.
Rk gets happy. He asks everyone “ how come they are here? Thay went in each directions and left him and his family . all say “ sorry rk , leave it madhu only arranged for it. Now we wont leave you. We all will live in the same family”
He takes gudiya from madhu and says to her “ beti see your whole family is here they are here to take care you don’t worry if anyone leaves others are here” looking at madhu.madhu gets painful.
Rk cuts the cake with his beti and feeds first to his baby. And to radhama, padmini,malik and all but not to madhu. Roma asks” why real star you didn’t feed glycerin?” rk fakes a smile and feeds cake to madhu. Madhu says to all” I have arranged for a party tonight and it is the same theme as last year in rk’s birthday and it is baccha party” all gets happy sikky gets sad” same theme why? Last year also no drinks and this year too? Why bhabihiji?” all laugh.

Scene 2:
Evening . Madhu makes rk ready. rk first resists but madhu ties rk to a chair and makes him ready ( remember 8th January episode). After getting ready rk takes gudiya turns to madhu and says” thank you”
Madhu : aarrey my gulab jamun why r u saying thanks? I am ur biwi right!
Rk smiles and remember the moments when madhu called him with all sweet names and him chasing her and they both fell on bed, but he remembers her meeting with mukund and her conversation and his smile fades. He goes from there.
Madhu gets ready and goes down

Scene 3:
All have gathered in the hall. Rk’s film producer were talking with him. Padmini, malik, radhaji are playing with the baby. Suddenly madhu comes to the stage and tells” I LOVE YOU RK” and tells all her feeling for rk from their first meeting to till now. all smile but rk curtly looks her. Madhu tells everyone to enjoy the party and gets down from the stage.
She straightly goes to rk and asks him” how was my confession?” before rk could answer, sikky comes and tells “ babhiji great attempt hai babhiji very lovely. But my wife wont ever make an attempt of it” but to everyones surprise deepali goes to the stage and confesses her feelings for sikky all smile and clap for them sikky fakes an heart attack and goes to the stage and hugs deepali. Madhu shows thumbs up to him. She turns to say something to rk but rk was not there. She cries inside but hides it. Padmini come there and talks to madhu and asks about her health and enquires about gudiya. She anwers her and goes from there looking for rk. rk was drinking aside. Madhu comes there.
Madhu : rk what are you doing? You only promised in the namkaran function that you wont drink for your beti. But now you are drinking.
Rk : yes I promised but sometimes there are so many happenings in my life if I have to forget all I have to consume drinks but don’t worry I wont cross my limits and I wont leave my beti alone I am there for her no matter some persons is present or not.
He tells and goes from there
Madhu : one minute rk, I know you wont leave ur beti you love her a lot. If I am not there pls don’t leave her she needs you. She is the symbol of our love don’t leave her.
Rk goes from there. Madhu cries “ sorry rk I have to do this.”

Precap: madhu calls someone and says” I am outside the mansion come and pick me up” she turns to look at the mansion for last time and goes from there. Rk look at sikky-deepali romance and smiles at them he suddenly looks at the time and runs outside crying with gudiya.

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Credit to: vaishali

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  1. goooooood episode…
    let RK knw about Mukund’s plan… don’t drag as d case of Sultan…

  2. The episode is good. But there is no good sense in mukund comming all of sudden and calling madhu. Give some good reason. Pls dnt seperate rishbala for too long

  3. Please don’t separate rishbala. I hate this…

    1. dont you like the current trck?

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