Thanks to priya for reminding about gudiya and thank you all for ur support. It makes me determined to write more.

After breakfast, rk goes for shooting and before he goes he asks madhu to accompany him for his shooting with my lucky charm. Madhu asks” only your daughter is your lucky charm I am not right?” rk “ no you are always my lucky charm she will feel bad when I always romance with you” madhu smiles they go to sitara studio together in rk’s car. All welcome rk in a grand manner in the sitara studio rk gets glad and cuts the cake. He feeds his beti first and then madhu. madhu acts to be angry. But rk makes her happy by making facesbeti also smiles. Rk gives his first shot in the film “mera pyaar” all clap for him. That time madhu gets the call from the stranger. Madhu decided not to attend the call but relents.

Scene 2:
Madhu” again you are calling me I told you not to call me. Why r u disturbing me? When I am happy with my family?” the caller laughs “be happy for how much you can. you will always be mine. I will not lose you again I am sorry sweet heart.” Madhu” again?” that time caller tells” come to the backstage of sitara studio nowwwwww” madhu gets angry but decides to meet that guy. She goes to the back stage. While rk calls her continuously as gudiya was crying. He gets angry with madhu.

Scene 3:
Madhu goes to the backstage of sitara studio. There a guy with a black jacket and jeans standing with his back facing to madhu. Madhu “hello can anyone hear me?” the guy smiles as he knows madhu is fear of dark. The guy comes forward but his face is not seen only upto his nose only seen. Madhu comes forward and scolds the guy” what are you thinking of me? I am rks biwi. No one can snatch me from him don’t dare you think like that” the guy “ wait honey, don’t you want to see my face” madhu” no I don’t want to see your irritating face.” The guy” but I would love to” and comes out of the darkness. Its none other than MUKUND to whom madhu was engaged first. Madhu gets shocked she thinks aout their engagement and the love between them and rk marrying her without her wish, she gets teary eyed.

Precap: madhu asks mukund “ why you want me now? you rejected me and you didn’t believe me also if you believed me we would be one now but you didn’t” rk searches madhu with the baby and hears all this and gets teary eyed.

Guys soon madhu will be having a accident coz of mukund do you want that scene or any other scenes.

Credit to: vaishali

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  1. gooood… try to make it a little longr as i luv rishbala

    1. next update will be long

  2. Nice .. U can have madhu’s accident track but include a little family- drama too..I mean u can include radha ma, shaky,Deepa…. too. But why did this mukund come all of a sudden. I think he will have any other motive.. Keep going vaishali

    1. ok thanks for reminding me

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