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Scene 1:
Morning. Madhu firsts get up and sees rk and baby hugging each other and sleeping. She smiles and goes to get ready after coming from bath she gets ready in front of the mirror. She turns to see rk staring at her. Rk says”good morning” madhu” morning how did you wake up early?” rk” when there is a sudden rain in your head u have to get up” madhu says” sorry rk” rk “{its ok biwi come I will make you get ready” and pulls her closer. Madhu “ shut up jao and get ready I have more work down ok”. Rk says” what work you have more than me?” madhu says “yes, there is now go as you have to go for ur shooting its ur first day after nine months ok” rk smirks and goes and madhu also smiles seeing him going

Scene 2:
Rk is in the hall and madhu with the baby sitting next to him. Madhu says to rk “ I will get your break fast take care of madhoo” rk smiles and nods at her. Madhu goes and gets the breakfast and that time she gets a call. The call is from the stranger. The caller says” hai my love good morning. Wait for some time sweet heart you will soon wake up byseeing my face in the morning when you get up.” Madhu gets angry and says” who are you? Whatever but you will not be able to get me as I am always rks” the caller laughs “ day dream but that will only be a dream” madhu gets frustrated

Rk eating breakfast and madhu is feeding baby rk smiles “ you are only feeding for baby not me?” madhu says ”are you a child? To feed you huh?” rk says” acha wait and watch” rk intentionally hits the table and grimaces in pain “ ouch ohhhh” madhu gets panic and scold him and asks radha to take baby “ rk are you blind why cant you see the table? You are always like that” and makes him eat by her hands rk say” I won” madhu smile at his childishness andd thinks that” it should be the same I want my family to be happy always I can do anything for them”.

Precap: madhu gets call and the stranger says to meet him at the sitara studio backstage. Madhu goes there and it is dark. She chants hauslo se.. and goes inside.

Guys pls tell me I am thinking of making madhu in bed due to her irregular sleeping do you want that track means pls comment and now also pls suggest a nickname for jnr. Madhu like rk calls her beti.

Credit to: vaishali

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  1. I was eagerly waiting for your episode. Its very nice. I have already suggested a name in my previous comment, Gudiya ( Because Raj called Jnr.madhu so).

    1. thank you priyaa17 for ur comment

      1. It’s my pleasure

  2. nice episode

    1. thanks puspa for ur support

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