Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 1)

Recap: This story started after 4 months from where the real story ended. now raja has become one of famous actor and he is called by people as realistic star.Raj K(RK). madho and raj are living in rk mansion were madhu and rk lived earlier.

Scene1: Radha ,madhu’s grandmother has came to see her pregnant grand daughter. madhu was happy and see serve her hand made food to her .but still madhu looked annoyed with someone. she was talking to her unborn child , and says that his father is not caring for them. Radha ask to madhu what happened and she says the following that raj is not giving her time . today they were planned to go to doctor for monthly checkup but raj due to his busy schedule has asked madho to go with servant. Radha ask madho not to worry and consoles madhu as she breaks down.

Scene2:At the same time, raj was talking to girl named aditi ,he says that he is always there for her and ask her not to worry for anything in her life and hug her passionately . and the director says, hat the scene was very perfect .and compliment raj as you acted as that of rk. raj gives tips to aditi- the heroine how to act. after sometime Raj sees madho 34 missed call. and try to call her but intensionally did not pick the call. At the same time Raj receives a call from a new number. He receives the call and famous producer SKB talks with him and shows his interest of casting raj in his new film .Raj talks with RK’s own style and finally accept the offer.

Scene3: Doctor ask madho to take care of her health as she seems to be weak. madho and Radha reaches home and find raj still not yet come ,madho become very angry and when Raj enters home ,madho make faces on him.he go and get blessings from radha dadi and praises madhu’s beauty that she beautiful than the moon and gorgious than a butterfly.madhu becomes happy on hearing that , raj shows madhu his gift from SKB she opens the gift and found a beautiful set of diamond jewellery inside it . She became spell bound on seeing its beauty. next raj shows the same gift to radha but she was shocked by its pattern ,it remembers her something but she was not ready to break the younger ones happiness so she did not tell anything .
Radha dadi prays to the god to keep them happy always .

Precap: A person in a dim light introduces himself as SKB. and Raj invites him for a lunch but he talks hesitant.

Credit to: Janani

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  1. Nice yaar Janani.I luved this serial. I had seen almost all the episodes. My mummy n papa r also a big fan of it. I wonder why this serial went off air. It was so nice. Thnx 4 writing about it. Plz continue the story. Luv u drashti n vivan.

  2. Janani thank you soo much yaar.It is my favourite show.

  3. This is one of my favorite show..thanks for the update janani

  4. thanks for appreciating my efforts

  5. Supr???gud effort..keep gng

  6. Oh my. Hi guys. Tnx for the update Pls which station is airing it this uss to be my favurite. Madu rk well come back.. watching from Africa..

  7. there is epi 2,3 Read it if you want .

    1. Where does it air by the way…???

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