Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 9)

Scene1: Madhu was waiting for Raj and whispers “he is always not punctual” Tauji,Agniand Parish Bhabi enters the house and Madhu welcome them and gets blessing .Tauji ask Madhu not to do any work and rest like a queen.Agni tea’s s Madhu ” no daddy,already she is like a queen in this mansion” and hugs Madhu. Raj comes home thinking about the girl whom he saved and how she reacted on seeing the wound on Raj’s hand.Raj was surprised to see Agni,Paru bhabhi ,Tauji in his home and comes running to get blessing from Tauji.Agni teases Raj “You forget all of us Raja ” and hugs him .Raj pinch her and says ” I was just checking whether it is true or dream”.Madhu comes with snacks for everyone .Raj helps Madhu to keep the food on table.Tauji teases Raj “Raju ,Don’t forget that I am here “.

Scene2:Madhu sees the wound on Raj’s hand and signals him to ask What is that?,Raj says that he will tell it later.Paru Bhabi has brought a new sweater for their unborn child and Madhu was praising its beauty.
Radha enters home after going ng to temple and she was surprised to see Tauji and others,Paru cand Agni goes to get blessing from Radha,and Radha blesses them. Radha wishes Tauji and he talk with Radha. In ,he nigh, they all sit together to have dinner in the table .Mafhu has prepared various dishes for everyone and serves their favourite dishes of Tauji and others. Tauji Praises Madhu for her food making style and Paru says that Raj is gifted to have Madhu as his Wife. Madhu blushes and Raj accepts that with a nod .

Scene3: At the bedroom ,Raj tells about the incident on the set and purposely praise Deepika to make Madhu act like she is jealous and irritated on his words and began to move from the place ,then
Raj hold her hand and says “many women can come and go: n my life but you are the one who living s with me till death”.Madhu closes Raj mouth when he says Death.
she replies ” you cannot make me angry or jealous because I know you very well”and smiles and him. Raj began to, talk with His baby and tells ” Your mother is always controlling me “,Madhu says “no dear,your father always tells lies” .they sleeps happily with a smile on face.

Precap: Madhu was seeing herself on the mirror and think that whether she became fat and searches for he weight machine.Raj sees her activities and laughs on her.

Credit to: Janani

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  1. Wow. Superb post nxt episode soon.

  2. Superb yaar. Update other episode soon. Lovely written janani

  3. Superb janani love you drashti and vivian.Janani today i read an old article about mb went off air.202comments had been made on it.out of that 200 comments was about not ending mb . If they wud come to know that you are writting about mb they will be very happy.

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