Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 8)


Epi 8
scene1: Radha was very much surprised to see aryaan and his words are still running on her mind. She tries to locate Arya in the crowd .She ask the driver to search for the man ,when the driver was about find Aarya someone divert the driver and hides Aarya in the back of a pillar . the driver lost, he sight of Aarya and goes to Radha. .She herself searches and tries her best to find Aarya but she could due to the huge crowd in the mall.The driver tells ” no madamji we cannot find that boy ,We failed “.Radha says “its ok ,we cam go home,Madhu will be waiting”. SK sees this from the distance .

Scene2: Aarya turn to see the man who protected him ,calls him Dad .The man turns and it was SKB. he stops Aarya and shouts “Are you mad Aryaa ,why did you meet Radha Mam ,you were about to be caught”He replies”Don’t worry Dad ,I am not a fool to be caught in the hands of Radha dadi.” He asks SK to smile .Radha was thinking about the man and remember her conversation with Sultan regarding Mohan Kundra .and about Meera , Sultan,She ask the driver to go to Any nearby temple

Scene3: Deepika was sitting. in her room reminisces. her happy moments with Raj and thinks how he hugged her to save from the metal,his concern towards her and hugs his picture and keeps it under her pillow and smiles.SKB and Aarya enters the house ,The servant asks Aarya when did he reached Mumbai ,Aarya replies ” to day morning only dadaji and came home to eat his homemade panner gravey ” and seeks blessing from Servant Babuji . The servant remember the day when SKB brings the wounded Aarya to home and blesses him. SKB was smiling by seeing all this ,he receives a call from Raj and attens the call. At the same time Aarya goes to Deepika’s room and closes her eyes from back And shouts surprise , she at once identifies him and shouts ” brother ” and hugs him.

Precap: Raj was talking about Deepika to Madhu and make her a bit jealous.

Credit to: Janani

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  1. Hi janani can u tell me the full form of SKB i really forgot sultan’s full name. Anyway epi was nice bt want raj n madhu scenes n plz don’t repeat the same precap as other serials. Plz don’t mind i don’t want ur fan fic 2 become like other serials.

  2. thank you, SKB is not Sultan

    1. Hi janani sis.ur fan fiction is awesome.Is SKB Sikandar Bhatia?

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