Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 7)


Episode 7
Scene1: The episode starts with Raj talking with the director of the film about the new schedule . he sees a girl takibg selfie ibside the studio and notice something from distance and he sees the sharp edged metal plate used in shooting gets loosen and was about to fall on the girl so he at once go and lift her to save her from the injury. The girl is none other than Deepika. She was surprised by Raj moves towards her ,she sees him passionately and hugs him when the metal falls .Raj slowly moves her and ask her .is she fine or not? She replies that she fine and after that she finds that Raj was bleeding due to the injury caused when he was helping her.

Scene2: Madhu receives call from Raj’s sister Agni.She enquires about Madhu ‘s health and about baby’s health.She says that she is going to come to Mumbai with tauji.Madhu gets happy to hear it. She at once calls Raj to inform him.Deepika was doing first aid for Raj’s injury.Raj attend the call and Madhu informs him the matter.Radha goes to a mall and for purchase on her way back she was about to hurt a man.

Scene3: the man says it OK ,Radha make him sit.When Radha was about to leave He asks “How are you Radha Dadi?”.Radha was shell shocked and ask” What?”, He says I am Sultan’s son. still she cannot talk due to her surprise He says
“You don’t remember me But I cannot forget your family and what RK uncle has done for me .” and leaves the place .Radha tries to find him but in vain .

Precap:Raj tells about Deepika to Madhu and makes her jealous.

Credit to: Janani

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