Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 6)


Scene1:SKB was talking to a lady on phone. she asks him to come home soon.SKB smiles and starts to go to his house . A girl starts to shout at SKB and he pacifies her and hugs her .SKB call her Deepika and she shouts “You are cheating me Dad,you promised me to come to Airport vto pick me but you failed daddy .” He says sorry for her and the girl was still angry with him so SKB fake a heart attack and the girl gets jerked ,he hugs her , deepika weeps and tells him that she can’t bear anything to happens to him . then she goes to get ready .SKB sees her going and smile.

Scene2:Raj was driving the car and madhu was talking with Radha.Radha asks Raj about his new film’s producer.Raj replies to her and tells that His name is SKB and tells about him. Raj ask her do she know about SKB.She replies “No,I don’t know anyone”.They reached home and Raj’s PA tells him that Director called him twice. Raj gets busy on the phone. Madhu feels very tired and when she was about to fall ,Radha holds her and asks to Madhu “Are you fine?” she nods yes walks to her room ,Raj comes to his room fresh up and sees Madhu sitting on the bed lost in thoughts .He ask her “what?”,she replies with hesitation Nothing and turn to sleep.

Scene3: Next day,Deepika was talking with one of her friend stella and her friend invites her to accompany her to see the shooting of Raj K. Deepika and her friend Stella enters the shooting sets and. She feels happy to hang out with her friends . .She was surprised to see actors acting and because she didnot seen a live shooting in her life .Raj was acting very naturally and with lots of expression .everyone in the set praises ,A sharp edged plate was about to fall on Deepika but she does not it

Precap: Raj saves Deepika from the plate and she hugs him in fear.Deepika looks Raj passionately .

Credit to: Janani

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