Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 5)


Epi 5
Scene1: The episode starts with Raj and madh give sweets and gifts to the children in the temple.Radha sees this gets happy. One; f the child says to the other that today they are getting two gifts. Radha ask about the other one and the person who gave it.Child shows the man.Madhu calls Radha to come to ithe puja.

scene2:he man who gave the sweets sees them from a distance and gets happy to see Radha.A boy touch the man He was SKB , the little boy ask ” why uncle you are givng us gifts?” ,he smiles and says my brother’s anniversary.

Raj sees SK and invites him to come and see his wife and grandmother.but he gives excuses for not coming .Radha. sees Raj talking with someone but doesn’t see the face.

Scene3:On the temple Madhu was sitting and reciting some slokas and Raj joins her.He passionately holds her hand and says sorry .Madhu smiles and nods yes.Radha was trying to find the person who did puja on RK ‘s name and finds SKB ,she calls him when he was about turn ,he receives a call and leaves the place .

Precap: SKB was talking to a lady and she shouts at him for not coming o airport.

Credit to: Janani

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