Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 3)


Epi 3.
scene1: Raj starts to walk in the road a people start to gather around him.and they praise his acting skill.One of them says that. “whatever it may be it all comes from madhu Mam,Not because of Raj’s ability. “Raja gets angry and holds the person’s shirt and warn him to behave properly before Raj . and starts to walk towards the other side .The person says that he’ll make it as a big issue. Raj turn back and says”do as you can dear and nothing will bend Raj.”the man made a police complain against Raj.

Scene2: Raj enters home and tries to go to his room.Madhu shouts at him and ask what he had done.Why is he behaving like a arrogant ,illiterate , questios about Raj’s upbringing.Raj looses his coolness and shouts Madhubala Shut Up and raises his hand. Madhu and all the servants in the house are shocked. and he shouts ” think before you talk ,I am not your servant.I am your Husband.”and leaves the place angrily .
Madhu sits and was shocked.

Scene3:SKB talks with someone on the phone and praises them for doing as per his wish.Raj enters a bar.and SKB sees him from distance and volunteeraly talks with Raj and ask Raj to drink to make himself comfortable.SRK smirks on Raj.

Precap: Radha prays in the temple and sees Raj talking to SKB. she trys to see him.

Credit to: Janani

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