Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 13)

scene1: Raj picks the phone and thinks whose was that ,he dials the number which was saved as Bhai.The phone belong to Deepika.In Her house.Aarya calls the servant and ask about Deepika and goes to see her ,he Finds her sobbing on the garden ,he hugs Depika and ask what was happened and Deepika cries and says about her feeling towards Raj. she asks Aarya to promise her that he will bring Raj to her. Aarya leaves Deepika and remembers Madhu and Her conversation with him.While he was about to answer ,he receives a call from Raj .

Scene2:Aaya picks the call and was shocked to hear Raj’s voice .Raj repeatedly says Hello and finds no response when he was about tocut,Aarya says ” Hello, “.Raj smiles and tells that someone has left the phone and it contains his name . he have phone is found in his sets.Aarya says that he will come at once and will to get it. Deepikaask “What?” he signs her to wait and goes out and starts the car .Aarya meet Raj in his studio and was surprised to see him playing with some children who were physically challenged. Aarya remembers the day when RK insulted him .he compared both Raj and RK.he remembers Deepika’s words.
Raj sees Aarya and ask him to come and gives him the phone.He ask about aarya’s sister who have lost the phone.Aarya ask Raj about those children ,Raj says that he always spent some days with these children for his peace.Aarya leaves the place .Madhu was waiting for Raj ,she feels tired and goes to sleep without having supper.
Raj enters the house and the first question ,he ask was about Madhu’s supper and he gets angry on the servant for leaving Madhu without having her food ,he scoldhimself for coming late .He goes to Madhu’s room with food tray and sees her sleeping,he try to call her.

SKB was thinking about Aarya and Deepika,he worries for them .

Credit to: Janani


  1. wellwisher

    its okay janani sis.
    i too understand it as i m also in class 10 so i understand u have ur exams.
    all the best.
    do well n concentrate in ur exams.

  2. vaishLi

    Hii janani I love ur episodes first I was thinking to post fan fiction but u started first so I started following it I u r dng good I was so addicted to madhubala in mu 10th also so dnt leave ur studies as well and don’t forget to post as I am waiting fr it….

    • wellwisher

      vaishli sis i m only class in 10
      janani sis is in college……….
      i meant about her semester exams………….
      sorry for creating a misunderstanding over her………….

      • vaishLi

        Its ok dude I just thought she is also studying in class 10 but u do well in ur exams I’m in class 11 sis

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