Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 11)


Madhubala-a new love story.
Scene 1: Madhu was seeing the photos with Radha,she sees Deeps and Shiki photo and ask Radha “who are they,Radha. dida?” Radha replies “they are also your relatives ” and leaves the place, Madhu was still seeing the album and she turns and calls when Radha was about to tell something,Madhu receives a call from Raj and goes to talk.
Raj ask Madhu to bring one of his contract; paper which he need very urgently without fail,He ask her to find it on his cupboard and bring it as soon as possible ,Madhu replies that Soon she will come to the studio to give the paper.and watches for it ,she finds the paper and messages it to Raj.Raj sees it and gets ready for the scene.

Scene2: Radha takes the particular picture she remembers the day when they take the picture, in it Siki,Deeps,RK,Madhu were standing on the back of a sofa and Radha and padmini were sitting on the sofa .She remembers Siki ,Paddo,Deepali and cries on seeing the picture. She remembers How RK and MaDhu died .closes her eyes on pain.
Aarya leaves the house in his car to find Deepika ,he was stuck on the heavy traffic ,he calls Deepika,Deepika was interested in seeing Raj acting and finally she picks the call hesitately,And in a irritating tone” What is your problem,What do you want. Bro?” She doesn’t give time to Aarya to speak and cut the call. Aarya gets angry and shout at the driver .

Scene3: Aarya reaches the studio( Sitara) ,he remembers the old days when he came here with Madhubala ans how he fell on the studio due to wires and how RK teased him.He summoned a person and ask “Whose Shooting is going on” The person replied that Raj’s.Aarya enters the studio and reaches the particular set and was very much surprised to
Deepika watching the shooting .
He remembers that once Deepika have said that she hate such shootings.and curiously try to see the male actor.he was shocked to see Raj and his resemblance with RK. Aarya try to go near and call Raj.When Madhu enters the studio and Raj signs her ans directs her to come ,The director welcomes Madhu and Raj ask “did I troubled you ,Rani?”Madhu replies that there is nothing important for her more than helping him.Aarya ask a person whether they are the same Rishbala ,The persons says “No, the girl is Rishbala’s daughter and Son in law”.Deepika hear this and leaves the place in teary eyes.

Precap: Aarya was about to fall,Madhu helps him and Says “Take care bhai”.

Credit to: Janani

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    but pls do continue.

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