Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 10)

Scene1: Madhu gets up from the bed and gets ready ,while she was applying her bindi she looks at her reflection on mirror ,she turns left and right ,says to herself that I want to check my weight , because she feels that she has put on lots of weight ,she search for the weighting machine in the room.Raj gets up from sleep ,notices Madhu each and every action and began to laugh . Madhu tells “Raj stop you laugh ,I am getting irritated “. Finally Madhu finds it behind the curtain ,Raj helps Madhu to lift the Weighting machine ,Madhu stands to check her weight. same time , Deepika gets up ,and Her friend call her to invite her to see shooting, Deepika thinks of seeing Raj and jumps ,Flower vase falls down ,Aarya and SKB are sitting on the hall and hears the sound ,Aarya says ” She has started to break things Daddy” and SKB laughs and ask the servant to clean the broken pieces.

Scene2: Raj shouts “65 kg oh my god” and starts to laugh Madhu tells in a weak voice “My weight had increased only due to pregnancy”.Raj pacifies her and says that nothing can change their relationship,They had a eyelock ,Raj whispers 65Kg in Mafhu’s ear,She throws the pillow on him.Raj gets ready to go to the shooting before leaving he takes blessing from tauji and dadi , On the way,Raj sees his new films posters and smile.
On the set The director explain Raj about the scenes.Deepika and her friend enters the sets .
Scene3:Radha was sitting on her room and was seeing the old pictures. Madhu comes to meet her and she also sees the old picture of RK and Madhu and smiles and teases Radha ” Still you are the same young and energetic ,what is the secret Dida ?”.Radha caresses Madhu face and says “you are my strength and weakness”.Madhu hugs Radha. Aarya calls Deepika,servant says, ha she has wen to see shooting.Aarya Decides to go to the shooting spot.

Precap: Aarya meets Raj in the set and was shocked to see Raj look like RK.

Credit to: Janani

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