Madhubala 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

All are waiting for Madhu ..! RK asks Bittu the matter? Bittu says landline is engaged and Madhu is not answering! Bittu says guess Madhu is stuck in traffic! Roma says i agree with Bittu..! Mehul says Madhu cant be so indisciplined. .she isnt a superstar showing tantrum! Mehul says name of movie is changed to.. Ishq- Ek Junoon..! Mehul says it will gel better with story and movie!

Pabho tells Madhu that told u to do all this coz thot u knew the procedure.. u should have cleansed the frying pan before cooking! Madhu says cleaned every corner of kitchen! Pabho says egg shells din fly into the prasad.. her carelessness cost us..! Dips says happens in hurry ..guess she was in hurry to go to shoot! Pabho says anyone can make a mistake ..but this type of mistake can bring huge

trouble to our home! She says the blessing from Brahmin Bhoj opens ways to nivaran..and instead they cursed us ..n its not a tiny thing! Pabho says dunno coz of this what will happen to RK and this family..! Madhu says i will cook again! Pabho says not possible! Servant says RK is calling since long! Pabho takes the call and says Madhu is on the way! Pabho tells Madhu to go and warns her to ensure such thing doesnt repeat..! Pabho says whatever u with full focus…! Need to think! Pabho asks Madhu to leave and she is emotional ..but leaves!

Bittu says dun understand what is going on! RK asks why are we not able to call Madhu? Bittu says security said Madhu started for set..!RK asks then where is she? Roma tries to call Madhu..! Murthy asks how long will they make him wait? RK says seems u have desposited ur ears as Fixed Deposit.. Madhu is on the way! Murthy says.. if before shoot Madhu makes us wait so long.. how will work happen? Mehul assures they will manage.. its 90 day schedule and he will manage it in time! RK tells Murthy to focus on counting cash and not worry about all he doesnt tell how much loan he should give!

Pabho compliments Dips for her smartness to beat Madhu! Dips says..thanks and says seeing RKs breakfast got the idea.. and whatever i plan .. i make it succeed! Dips says its ur first victory dun be overconfident.. we have lot to do..! Pabho sips fruit juice n says its not fresh. .go n get fresh fruit juice! Dips gets up to leave but Pabho asks to open cupboard first.. and bring a small box..!
abho says Dips deserves a prize.. n shows a jewelery . .n then says will give it later.. !

Murthy says.. if in 15 mins Madhu doesnt come, have to report to seniors! RK says threatening RK? Murthy says no.. just reporting..! He says if after half shift also camera hasnt started rolling..we have to relook .. coz we have rights to withdraw the loan! RK fumes and is about to react when Madhu arrives..! Madhu recollects the curse by Brahmins..! Bittu rushes to tell RK .. Madhu is here! Madhu is nervous as she enters the studio ..! She recollects Pabhos words .how she is bad luck for all men in her life..! RK comes to her and Madhu says sorry! RK says welcome to my world..! RK says there is a rule here. ‘Apna dar ke bahar chor ke aao’! RK says its between us.. come..! RK takes Madhus hand in his and leads her to the set..! All watch the duo enter ..!

Mehul says der aaye durust aaye.. theres my girl..! All clap..! Mehul says Mr. Murthy .. heroine is here..! First day. First shot.. Welcome to the team …industry is gonna get a new face! RK says if its alright that she is late? Mehul says was gonna say that …if RK was late instead of her ..would have left..! RK thanks him! Mehul calls to hair and makeup person ..! RK leads Madhu to her green room and says if u need me.. ! Get ready…! RK says will go and see the scene markings.. as in where one has to stand..! Madhu is still nervous.! RK looks at Madhus reflection n says I LOVE U..! Madhu recollects her words that movies were never a part of her dream! Hair and Makeup person come to deck her up..! Madhu chants… Hauslo se veer ho..! Roma comes and compliments Madhu about looking superb! Roma gives her .. her dialogs ..! Bittu tells Madhu .shot is ready..! Madhu is nervous..!

Part 2

Mehul explains the scene to RK that they will shoot the scene where hero-heroine meet for the first time..! RK looks up and sees Madhu .. who is wearing a black gown..! Mehul asks Madhu nervous? Dont be.. ! Mehul says Anamika..the character she is playing is a strong one.. who is confident and open minded..! Instead of following Mehuls instructions.. Madhu is lost in the words of Pabho and Brahmins! The shot starts.. and Mehul says action..! In the scene.. RK says this is not my drink .. Madhu says. .this is my drink..! She stammers with the lines and Mehul cuts the shot..! He asks her to give another take..! RK tells Madhu not to take tension ..that all this is nothing! RK says i love u ..!

Part 3

Scene is reshot ..! Madhu again stammers..and mixes up the dialogs! Shot is cut! Mehul tells Madhu if she wants time to rehearse her lines.. she can take.. but her confidence should be visible..! Madhu again messes up..! Mehul talks of skipping the current lines …! Madhu tries the new lines but again messes! Mehul says cut! Madhu recollects Brahmins curse..! Mehul says one more take? RK says ur here just for namesake.. ur focus is not here! Madhu says am trying! RK says no ur not trying..! RK tells Madhu ..4 take.. 12 takes. but Madhu is not getting over this…! He asks Madhu ..where is her focus? RK says cut it.. PACK UP! Madhu is sad..!
. Precap —- Mehul tells RK thats its first day . .Madhu is nervous ..! RK says the girl he is talking about .. is his wife..and he knows her better than anyone else..! RK says Madhu wasnt here.. only a wife in daze was here..! Mehul tells RK he cant do this.. leave like this! RK says .. its my movie..can do anything.. even put it to sleep.. if i want! Murthy informs his seniors how the shot was cancelled on first day coz of Madhus poor performance! RK fumes!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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