Madhubala 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ballu tells Trish that he is like her father. He asks Trish if she refused his movie. .n why? Ballu says..its ok if she doesnt wanna do.. but asks her to do a favour.. remove the cover from wall sized posters.. ! Trish is scared..! Ballu asks her to proceed and she does..! Ballu sings.. ‘Ghunghat ke pat khol’! He asks Trish to remove..the cover and she does..! Its a poster of Trish .. written.. ‘Introducing Trishna Malik’ Ballu says.. BSC presents.. ‘Why Trish does not eat apple’ and introing her..! He then shows another poster of her…then a third..! Trish is taken aback! He says..its her childhood dream.. n he found out from her agent..! Trish is about to touch the papers kept on the table..Ballu says..she has to enter this world to touch it..! He says.. the name Trishna reminds him of something..! He says..only Trishna name is sweet.. not Trishna..! He keeps the contract papers and cash before her and tells her.. its her world and her decision..! He goes away..! Trishs self thoughts.. that.. she has dreamt of this since childhood.. she had wanted this forever.. she had promised to Roma to be a star… ! She asks herself..not to leave this last opportunity..! Another side of her tells her that a lil risk.. lil price n lil confidence can fulfill her dreams.. after all he doesnt know who she is..! Trish.. covers her ears..! Trish succumbs and signs.. the papers..! Ballu claps.. and congratulates her…and thanks her! He gives her a briefcase full of cash and says.its her signing amount Rs. 20 lacs..! Trish is elated..! Ballu will be fun working with her..! Trish goes away..! Ballu says.. one girl in his grip. .another one left .. Vinash-Bala..!

Roma shows bridal saree to Paddo..! Paddo says..cant wear.. its too bright..! Roma says..she is getting married…to her bro.. her only bro. .so she has to dress up..! Paddo blushes..! Trish comes holding the briefcase..! Roma asks what she thinks of the saree? If it will suit Mother India. .who is Sis-in-law India..! Roma asks Trish why she is quiet.. n if she liked the saree.. n Trish says..yes.! Roma goes to get the call on her moby ..! Its decoration person..! Paddo rues about Roma.. ! Suddenly Trish trips and is about to fall n Roma and Paddo asks the matter? Trish says nothing.. n says .she will shift her clothes to Romas place..! Paddo says.. no need but Trish insists..! Trish walks off..! Roma asks the matter to Paddo and both are wondering!

Madhu on phone with Roma.. and tell Paddo she has reached.! She asks about caterers. .and tells to finalise music. .with Trish! Right then Ballu arrives ..holding packets of sweets..! Madhu is shocked seeing him ..! He deliberately .. trips the sweets and breaks a glass..! Madhu says.. she will get help to clean it up..! Madhus cell rings. .its Paddo..! Madhu turns her back to talk and Ballu picks up a broken glass piece and self thought song -Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si n dil bhi kahe tu kaat daal ise..! Ballu picks up the piece of glass and is about to attack Madhu ..! Madhu turns around in time and sees Ballus hand bleeding..! Madhu calls for first aid box! Ballu says.. no need to worry and tells her to tell RK ..that his work is done..! Madhu stops Ballu from leaving and dresses his wound..!

Part 2

Ballu self thought.. what to say .. Ammaji can see…! He says..she is the age of his daughter.. n taking care of him like a daughter.! He says..he is troubling her again..! Madhu need..! He notices.. blood stained on Madhus dupatta from his hand..! He says..seems..they have blood relation . .like father-daughter..! He says.. may God give her age to him .. as in . .his age to her..! He says.. Madhu has indebted him .. n he will pay her back for sure..!

Part 3

Ballu picks up a packet of sweet and forcefully pulls Madhus hand and puts it in her hand.. …smiles and walks off..! Madhu is in panic..! Ballu self thought.. asks.. if the scene had drama to his Amma..! He goes away..!

In RKs room, Madhu tells RK there is no need to worry..its only sweets.! RK asks Madhu how that Chaudhary came there? Madhu give good news that the work he gave him done..! She asks him what work he gave that guy? RK is speechless!

Precap — Roma comes and finds Trish hiding cash..! She tells Roma that she got a movie.. a movie produced by Balraj Chaudhari..! Paddo overhears and screams. .what? Shammo asks..if the moster is back?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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