Madhubala 9th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 9th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu goes forward to take the phera .. but RK stands put!

Madhu looks on confused… n RK says.. just a minute to enjoy this beautiful grand moment!

RK takes out the drinks jar [he used to keep earlier] and drinks from it Madhu is shocked. She tries to stop him .. n RK says.. MAKING MOOD as he is nervous! Madhu says..she doesnt like such jokes!

RK pours .. the drinks in the agni kund Madhu and Pandit are both shell shocked! RK asks.. Pandit if he would like. .brandy scotch or whisky or taxi? Pandit leaves the wedding n goes off! Madhu asks him to shut up ..n call the finish the pheras..!

RK says.. what ?? RK says.. NO MORE TALK … Madhubala SHAMSHER MALIK! HE pulls Madhu out of the wedding altar n asks her.. if she thinks he will make Madhu

his official wife? LoL only incomplete pheras for her!

He says.. he is relieving her from the other 4 incomplete pheras today! RK says.. with the 5 elements as witness… i end all the relation with Madhu tonite..! He removes.. the garland n throws it away.. Madhu is in shock!

He declares.. that . from today.. RK=Madhu are not hubby-wife n removes the knot ..! He says.. Rishabh unweds Madhubala! 👿 He removes her churni ..!

RK asks Madhu if she understood ..what happened n why??? He reminds her of the 5 slaps… at the studio! Reminds her..that.. she said.. ‘The game she began…it ends today’ ..! RK says. .it was THE END.. of first half n then it was a twist…FAMILY DRAMA … Ganpati sequence .. Karwa Chauth .. Romance.. Dance..Action Sequence (Ballu killing)..! He says.. all the film needed was a CLIMAX! The Climax was..when Madhu walked towards the wedding altar..!

HE says.. ‘RK unweds Madhu’ is the actual THE END ..coz the film is his.. n only he can write the end! He says..he wrote the end to Madhus most beautiful relationship …so the game she began.. he ended!

He says… THE END of Madhubala Shamsher Malik ..! He says.. he is FREE n says.. SAYONARA ..! Madhu tries to stop him…! RK says.. where are her emotions?? Show.. emo drama…show tears.. ! 😡 Madhu says..its a JOKE..! RK removes her hand … Madhu says..he is lying..! 😥 😥

She tells him to say.. its all a LIE n he smirks n says..its all a LIE!

Part 2

RK says.. set up is set decorator.. his dress is on hire from a dressman.. lighting by light department. .n her saree [in which she looks s*xY] is from hairdresser..

He says.. every moment with Madhu ..from the studio nite..was all a LIE!

Part 3

He reminds her all her words..from the past..! He says.. that.. he swore to take revenge from her the nite she slapped him.. n that he will become a SWEET POISON in her life..which will destroy her life..slowly but surely!

Precap — Madhu collapses.. on the ground… BG-Dil jude bina hi toot gaye! RK pulls Madhu with him .. n takes her out of the wedding venue..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. am going to hate RK if he hurts madhu 🙁 🙁

  2. I hate…………………………. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Rk for this u have destroy all the faith of all lovers & u have given a chance to all men to do this to all of women for their vengence ………… now any one can do this only for their ego satisfaction.

  3. It was a pathetic episode…last 4 months episode is meaningless if they are showing such nonsense on 9th feb..i dont think i will watch this serial anymore

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