Madhubala 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is busy making prasad and asks Mangesh to keep the things in other utensils..! She leaves from there

Pabho tells Dips its her turn

She sends off Mangesh to serve breakfast and then do cleaning of her room ..

Madhu wonders if she left Prasad open.. she goes back to kitchen where Dips is busy handling the trash She takes out egg shells while Madhu is on her way to the kitchen..! Pabho stops her midway and delays her.. giving time Dips time to hide!

She adds egg shells in the prasad Pabho tells Madhu to ensure that nivaran is fulfilled with heart.. else she wont get any benefit..! Dips signals Pabho that all is done!

Roma gets lighting etc done as RK-Madhu are enroute.! She scares Bittu and asks where is ur chief n his heroine? Mr Murthy arrives!

Says wanna see if money used properly …! Bittu asks why is he worried and Murthy says some people are saying something else..! RK comes n says .. Kuch to Log Kahenge.. logo ka kaam hai kehna.. chodo bekar ki batein .. kahin lut na jaye tumhara chaina..!

Murthy asks where is RKs heroine? RK says on the way!

Dips comes to Madhus room and says here to wish u.. she says must be etc make one nervous.. n she doesnt even have any experience.. n if she needs help ask anyone! Dips advises her about hairstyle n Madhu says not to worry .. i only set ur hair last time!

RK calls Madhu .. and asks where is she? Dips receives n says.. shall come? RK says .. kept secretary.. already… ! RK asks Dips to inform Madhu to call him!

Madhu takes blessing of brahmins n asks them to take seat so she can serve lunch ..!

RK keeps waiting for Madhu n so do crew… Murthy!! He fumes on RK for being late..! Bittu keeps trying Madhus cell but no response..!

Part 2

Madhu serves the lunch to the brahmins.. ! They start to eat..! Prasie the food! As they are about to have sweet ..! Madhu is about to leave…after taking Radhas permission! The brahmins spot the egg shells and fume!

Part 3

Brahmins fume saying our insult.. feeding us egg shells? Pabho fumes asking how did this happen? She chides Madhu ..! Dips says how did she make such huge mistake? Brahmins curse saying the reason for which she kept this puja will not be fulfilled..! All are shocked and Madhu horrified! Brahmins walk off..!

Precap — Pabho asks how did egg shells come in the food? Dips says maybe in hurry she wanted to go to shoot! Pabho says this is huge mistake.. worried for RK! Madhu is speechless!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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